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Yul & Baz – Sugar Man (Sixto Rodriguez Cover)

« Sugar Baz », newly released by French electro producer Yul with Baz, a young Ukulele-playing singer, is a modern and sensuous cover version of the classic Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriguez’s jewel rediscovered less than a decade ago. Single released

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Ozaka Bondage – Sugar Man (Sixto Rodriguez) Cover feat. Karate Kick, Birds View & Markus Oeffinger

Thank you for your music. 50 years later a new generation of musicians is still influenced by your beautiful songwriting and is rediscovering your songs, that fit perfectly in the crazy world we live in. No matter what happened in

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Rodriguez Mural In Detroit

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The Suitcase Show [16 June 2020] on Mixcloud includes Jane S Piddy

Every vagabond needs a suitcase. This is a mainly South African, mostly Afrikaans series of shows with some well-known tjoons and many obscure ones. Some happy songs, some angry songs, a few light songs, and quite a few dark ones.

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Your songs have set me free

Silver, Magic Ships you carried….I’ll keep you alive cause’ I climbed on to your music through my father and your songs have set me free, your birthday is around the corner and I hope you enjoy it. I’m not wanting

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Looking For The Music

I am very interested in obtaining recordings of Rodriguez’ albums. I am not having any luck. Is there somewhere that I would be able to order them? Thank you in advance for your guidance, Barb Orchard

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Thank You For The Music

Just wish to say thank you for your music. I have been an instant fan the minute I saw Searching for Sugarman. I wonder (no pun intended) how you are these days and what you think about the times we

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Searching For Sugar Man: Producer Simon Chinn on the incredible journey making the hit movie, and Tecla Ciolfi on Rodriguez’s ongoing cultural influence in South Africa – Travelling Symphony Movie Club | Podcast on Spotify

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The 50-Year Legacy of Sixto Rodriguez’s “Cold Fact” Is Rooted In Detroit | WDET

It’s the 50-year anniversary of Sixto Rodriguez’s “Cold Fact,” co-produced with Motown Funk Brother Dennis Coffey. Although the album took off internationally, it’s still a Detroit story. One of music’s most fascinating stories originated in Detroit, but unfolded in South Africa

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50 Years Ago Today: Cold Fact | Billboard March 28, 1970

Billboard March 28, 1970 ‘COLD FACT‘ LP in 2 page Buddah ad Words from the city. Hard words on a new label with a totally different trip. Read more about this classic album, at Cold Fact was recorded in

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