Fan Messages From Around The World

Dear Mr. Rodriguez

I wish I had the opportunity to tell you in person how you shaped me as a human being.
As a young boy I discovered your album in my parents collection and so began the growth of me.
I go by the online name of The W’o’anderer, that is a homage to you and your music.
The first date I had with my wife I introduced her to Cold Fact and I have never seen a person cry so much at watching Searching For Sugarman.

I missed you at The Royal Albert Hall and with that a bucket list achievement passed as I unfortunately also missed you in South Africa when I lived there.

Over here in the UK BBC 6 Music dedicated an entire day to you calling your album one of the rarest discoveries in the world. That was an amazing day for me.

In closing I want to thank you for being a part of my growth and for singing the lyrics that resonate in my heart, soul and mind.

Thank you for shaping me into the man I am.
Forever a fan

Peace, Love and Understanding always

Bradley Jennings (The W’o’anderer)
United Kingdom

Hey fella,
I happened to watch “Searching for Sugarman” again today and I thought I’d drop you a line. Your words, your haunting voice, your arrangements……..WOW. You have got more talent in your pinkie finger than most could wish for. It seems that when I listen to a song again, I pick something up that I didnt catch the last time around.
When I fire up one of your tunes in the car, a first time listener is completely stunned that they’ve never heard of you. Thanx for the great music sir and heres to good health and music.


My son in law asked me to watch Searching for Sugarman documentary while visiting and seeing my grandkids last week. Such an incredible story!! I bought him your three cds, and ordered vinyl for myself. I listened to your songs from Texas to Colorado, and absolutely love them! Your quiet spirit and humbleness speaks volumes about you. It must have felt so cool to walk out on stage at that first concert in South Africa!
Bless you, and thank goodness for the gentlemen that went looking for you, and bringing you to the attention of the world.
Very sincerely,

Gary Musgrave (Just one of your millions of followers)
Colorado, USA
7 May 2023

I saw Searching for Sugarman the year after it came out and was bowled over/moved to my core…I saw he was coming to the Warfield in SF 6 yrs ago, bought front row seats, and was mesmerized–transported in time. it will be a memory for life. He is an affirmation of the human spirit. I bought a dozen DVDs of the movie and gave to family and friends, and when he came to NYC I bought tix to go see him again and ended up not being able to get there from CA and gave tix to a good friend, and made some new fans for Sixto. My warmest wishes for his recovery and a hope that I will see him again. Thanks to all those that support him and keep his story alive..

Marc Rogers

Dear Rodriguez. I am very saddened to hear about your stroke and loss of vision. However, knowing that you are recovering well and staying strong is most inspiringly and I wish you strong health.

I turn to this forum to reach to you, in hope that you could listen to my music and nothing else. I have been inspired by you since I saw your documentary, when I was a young dreaming musician dealing with hopes and disappointments.

Being born in Sweden with Chilean heritage, I somehow related so much to your humanistic perspective and music. Being heavily inspired by your music means that you gave me the courage to use my own Spanish name as an artist and i intend to keep it like that. As I live in a Nordic country- people certainly get surprised when they hear that my music is like soft rock and not rap or reggaeton.

Rodriguez! I certainly write music for my own pleasure and expression, however, the idea of you listening to my music just once, would somehow be a spiritual experience for me.

I will amateurishly link my spotify here!

Best regards,

Patricio Fuentes

Hi there from NZ. I want you to know that Sixto’s awesome music wasn’t entirely unknown in my was a significant part of my youth in the 70s & 80s.

I was introduced to it by a workmate. God only knows how he came across this wonderful music, but I’m so happy he did.
I’m aware Sixto has had some health issues in recent times, but I trust he is doing better now..?

It is soo gratifying to see him finally get the recognition he so richly deserves..always humble, the man is an inspiration.
thanks again! 


Connor Lowndes
Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi! I only can say, OMG. Last weekend I saw the film sugarman because my little brother told me. He loves music, and before the film he loves Sixto’s music.

Really is amazing how there are people around the world doing fabulous things, and however, if that things don’t arrive in a good hands probably it will be hidden in a box.

I need to write Sixto for say him thanks, and thanks for make the film and be able to discover his music. Now I have 2 children of 3 years and 6 months, and it’s difficult to get time.

Really thanks for all. I wish you all the best.

David Garcia, Spain
14 April 2023

Thanks for spreading your heartfelt joy to us via your beautiful music and your thoughtful expression of life. I often shed tears of joy listening to your music. Thanks for your example of living fully and truly and teaching that to be rich does not require money. You have a beautiful soul of an artist, Thanks for sharing what you have. Peace, love and prosperity to you and your family. 

Jojo Bone (aka Michael Warpenburg), United States
9 April 2023

Fortunately I finally saw Searching for Sugarman. It was a religious experience that moved me to tears. The Christ-like energy you embody is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever witnessed. Thank you for giving me hope that humanity can transcend anything we are given and regardless of our situation, it’s what’s in our hearts that really matters.

God Bless

Roy Holland, America

Dear Rodriguez, my new soulmate

I just recently found you and your music after seeing the sugar man documentary on tv. It’s hard to put into words how this affected me. At the age of 77 I have to say to you, you are truly an angel on earth and a beautiful man. I will cherish the moment I discovered you and you will live on in my heart forever.

My very best wishes to you for a good recovery, and many more years of making music.

I was able to find one of your LP’s on line and ordered it immediately so I can groove with you forever!

God bless you my friend. . . .

Judy McCann
10 March 2023

Hi there Mr Rodriguez

I am a South African fan living in Toronto. I am heading to Detroit in April. My husband and I are doing a road trip in your honour.

Thank you for all your beautiful music. Just genius and beautiful to listen to.

I would love to bring some of my banana bread and flowers to your door to wish you well when I am there.

All the best

Louise, Canada

Dear Sixto thank you for not giving up on us. 💗💗💗
My wish is to meet you in the near future in concert. Sending my sincerest Love to you & fam.


Tor Arild, Norway

Sr. Rodríguez, les he descubierto, me ha impactado y me ha inspirado para el resto de mi vida..sus ojos han visto tanto.. y su alma ha sentido tanto….este mundo a veces tan cruel no merece una alma tan bella com la suya. Es usted una luz en la oscuridad. Ojalá pudiera regalarnos otros discos, obras maestras del gran poeta Rodríguez antes de dajarnos.

Mr. Rodríguez, I have discovered you, it has impacted me and has inspired me for the rest of my life…your eyes have seen so much…and your soul has felt so much…this sometimes cruel world does not deserve a soul as beautiful as yours. You are a light in the dark. I wish he could give us other records, masterpieces by the great poet Rodríguez before leaving us.

Sonia Guerrero Carmona, Spain

Sometimes, I’m walking with my headphones, listening to my Rodriguez playlist, and as I walk through the streets, I look at people, and see them acting, smiling, and then I realise that I just feel good. Especially when on comes ‘Inner City Blues’. Rodriguez always has a certain kindness in his melodies, with a touch of humour. His lyrics, I feel, tells it like it is..”just be yourself and laugh and forget it”. How is it even possible that a guy with just a pen, some paper, a guitar and some kind of mysterious thing that most call talent or genius can move so many hearts ? Like Dostoevsky said “art will save the world” and I have nothing else to say than: Long live the music of the Sugarman!

A. the Curious, France

My sister and I will be in Detroit tomorrow to visit our late father’s favourite haunts.
Wondering if Rodriguez is still performing locally? If so, please send us any information.
We LOVE him

Becky (Vancouver BC Canada)
Gail (Columbus Ohio)

Rodriguez captures our IMAGINATION! When we saw him in Tucson in 2013, he was so AMAZING! The crowd had all ages and was full of excitement the two hours before his concert started. And then Rodriguez DELIVERED!

Dave and Margie Davis, USA
Featured post

Rodriguez 81st Birthday Celebration Show

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA on the 10th July 1942, and shares his exact birthdate with the late Ronnie James Dio.

I like to tell people that I was born on Michigan Avenue, five blocks from the centre of Detroit.



photo: Doug Seymour Photography

Rodriguez’s family in Detroit have asked us to let everyone know that Rodriguez is well and on the mend after being operated on, following the stroke that he had in February. The surgery to repair the damage caused by the stroke was successful, and Rodriguez is feeling strong, and, following the physical therapy that he is currently undergoing, as part of his post-op rehab, his family are hopeful that he will be returning home soon to continue and complete his healing process.

Rodriguez, who will be turning 81 in July, is strong and in good spirits and his family have asked all his South African fans, as well as all his fans around the world, to keep Rodriguez in their thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

His family have also told us that it will be wonderful if all his fans could post their well wishes, as well as their messages of love, support, and encouragement which they will pass on to him and which will be a source of great inspiration and positive motivation to him at a time when that is essential as a part of his recovery.

On behalf of all of us at, we join all Rodriguez’s followers and fans around the world in wishing Rodriguez a full and complete recovery and in sending all our love and best wishes and support to Rodriguez’s Family.

We will continue to update everyone on Rodriguez’s recovery….

Fan Message from the USA: Thank you for making music

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

A teacher of mine made us watch Searching for Sugar Man when I was in highschool. Ever since then your music has been a constant in my life. I tell everyone I know about you, your story and your music. My favorite thing to do is blast your music in my car, full volume, on my way home from work. It brings me such immense joy every time. I guess I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making music. Thank you for being alive! Thank you for just being you.

I will always be a fan! I hope this finds you well,

With love,


A Tribute Song For Rodriguez: “Sixto” by The Keramics from Italy

“Sixto” by The Keramics

‘The Keramics’ is a project born in Rome in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown! Five friends that study at the same music school, ‘Neuma Music School of Rome’, decided to create a band, just for fun.

The Band is composed of: Max M.. “The Grey” (Voice); Mick Pilastri “Blood Hand” (guitar); Francesco Iacovelli “Cesko” (guitar); Alessandro Tozzi “007” (Electric Bass); and Raffaele Marando “The Painter” (Drums). With the Help of the Vocal Coach Sara Facciolo, they started playing some covers in recording studios. The music grew and the passion too, and one day, in the spring of 2022, Max decided to write a tribute to Sixto Rodriguez, due to his love for his songs and his story after seeing the documentary ‘Searching For Sugar Man‘ in 2014.

So the song ‘Sixto’ was written. With the help of Sara Facciolo, Max wrote the lyrics and together they played the first chords. After some practice the band recorded ‘Sixto’ at the ‘Studios Academy Recording’ of Rome.

Now ‘The Keramics’ have created their YouTube Channel, where you can hear ‘Sixto’ and ‘50 Percent’, another new original song. ‘The Keramics’ plan to create their first album at the end of 2023.

Fan Message from South Africa: Remembering the ’80s

After “Searching for Sugar Man” suddenly popped up on Netflix I watched it again for the third time I think – again taking me back to when I was a young student at UCT, Cape Town back in the early 80’s when your music was so much part of the backdrop to our student years in a troubled country. One memory I want to share was remembering a musician called Josh who played your songs perfectly at a popular student pub in Observatory Cape Town (+- 1984 – 1988) – he was so good and played your music so well, he could have been your clone – long forgotten musicians like him also really helped in keeping and spreading your music in SA – linked to your story I often wonder what happened to him over the years as I listen to your tracks.

Patrick, South Africa

Fan Message From Spain

Photo: Paul Watson

Sixto Rodriguez, tu historia me parece fascinante, he visto el documental hace unos días y no puedo dejar de escuchar tu música. Eres maravilloso y te mereces todo el reconocimiento del mundo. Te envío un beso y un abrazo inmenso. Gracias!!!


Sixto Rodriguez, I find your story fascinating, I saw the documentary a few days ago and I can’t stop listening to your music. You are wonderful and you deserve all the recognition in the world. I send you a kiss and a huge hug. Thanks!!!

Carlota (via Google Translate)

Fan Messages from Australia and Canada

Image from 1998 South African Tour Programme

Hi there,

I just wanted to let Rodriguez & his family know what an inspiration his music has been to so many people.

My husband and I discovered Rodriquez at Bluesfest, Byron Bay Australia. We have worked several years building the festival and was given a Rodriguez t-shirt by a good friend of ours. (It’s an XXL.. so I often wear it as a nightgown!)

We decided to discover the music and after watching the documentary recently, I was admired by the generosity of this wonderful man. The sorrow and the hardship but still so giving and positive. Incredible music and such a beautiful voice.

Thank you so much for being you.. I am sure your music will continue to inspire many people around the world 🙂

Tina, Australia

Hello, Mr. Rodriguez, my name is Michael Prieur. I live just across the river from you in Windsor Ontario Canada. I’ve been so fascinated with your life story, and what you have stood for. I’m wondering if there is anyway if I drove across the border, if you would autograph my arm in permanent black marker so that I can get it tattooed permanently having you with me. Yes you are that important to me your music and what you stand for. I’m hoping that this finds you in good health. I’m really hoping that this can happen. As well as meeting the incredible person you are.

Michael Prieur, Canada

Searching for Sugarman (Nazim x Flying Fisher x Mercy)

Searching for Sugarman (Nazim x Flying Fisher x Mercy)

Cover Art by Maud
Instrumental Composed and Produced by Flying Fisher
Engineered and Produced by Mercyy
Additional Production by GuiLLm
Piano – James Bernard
Harp – Marie Kathleen Hamilton
Guzheng – Beryl Liu and Shirley Xu
Erhu – Yilong Sun
Additional Engineering by Ross Koopmans and Heonjoung Heilie Yang

Fan Message: Just One More Song…?

My father had this album (I’m 46 now), and for some strange reason, Side A was on both sides of the LP – will never forget.

I hope and pray that an artist of such poignancy and beauty, finds it in himself to release one more song. with Spotify and Youtube, releasing an album is no longer necessary.

Just one more song….. there are 25 songs we have (by my count)

God bless


Are you referring to “Cold Fact” or “Coming From Reality”, Steve, as the album you father had?

Actually Rodriguez has officially released 27 tunes (not counting live songs), if you include the 1967 single version of “I’ll Slip Away” (credited to Rod Riguez) and it’s b-side “You’d Like To Admit It”.
Rodriguez – All The Facts

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