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We have just watched your documentary and think there should be more people like you in the world who share the wealth of their love as well as in other ways too. You have been an incredible father to your daughters who seem in awe of you and grateful for the life you provided for them. Your music is so poetic and beautiful and we would love to hear you in one final tour, or maybe a live performance recorded in Detroit?

Sending love and so much gratitude for you in the world.

Anz and Teed xxxxxxx
Bristol, UK

Message for Rodriguez

Dear Sixto, since years I love your music. Until 2011 I have been the artistic director of a main German festival: JazzBaltica. I tried so often to get in touch and to invite you – it never worked. I am as old as you and now I live in Berlin – still hearing and loving your art. I am writing this today, because I have seen again the film “Searching for Sugar Man”, and this touched me deeply again. You are wonderful, my dream did not come true to meet you once but your music stays a main part of my live.


Rainer Haarmann

Greetings from Poland

Dear Sixto Diaz Rodriguez,

I hope you’re staying in good health.

I learned about you from my man (Juan from Spain), who is always emotional about your story, and of course, he loves your music. I also enjoy listening to your songs because the lyrics are deep, and the melody is pleasant. I’m happy that your history is known and you can perform for your beloved audience.

I want to give a gift to my man on his birthday, and I thought that your autograph would be unique. So, therefore, please let me know how I can receive it.

Also, we would be honored to attend your live concert, but I can’t find any of them on your calendar, so I would appreciate such information as well.

Thank You!

Elizabeth from Poland

“Sixto” by Orjan Hulten Orion featuring Ernie Bruce

Liberia Ballad by Orjan Hulten Orion featuring Ernie Bruce
“Sixto” by Orjan Hulten Orion featuring Ernie Bruce

I am Ernest Bruce (Ernie Bruce), a singer living in Monrovia, Liberia (West Africa).

In collaboration with the Swedish group Orjan Hilten Orion, we recently released an album entitled “Liberia Ballad… Orjan Hulten Orion featuring Ernie Bruce” The album does include a song that is dedicated to you, and tells your story. It was originally written by Orjan, the leader of the band, and is an instrumental on the group’s album Faltrapport.

The band met me while visiting Liberia on invitation from the Swedish Embassy…there was an instant exchange of artistic creativity, and Orjan asked whether I would write some lyrics for the song “Sixto”.

We are all pleased with the outcome of our collaboration, and are simply making an effort to make you aware of it and, hopefully, enjoy it. While the album is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and others.

Blessings to you in all your future endeavours.–ernie-bruce-liberia-ballad


Come To Minnesota

Hello, my name is Kaveman and I’ve been working as a water protector in Minnesota fighting an illegal pipeline that would surely poison the indigenous, treaty protected, lands with leaky tar sands. I’m reaching out in hope that you might check the welcome water protectors website, or better yet, come visit our intentional communities in northern Minnesota. We have tons of revolutionary matriarchs and musician minds working everyday to cut the head off the black snake and move away from dependency on evil oil industries, who’ve never been for the people especially communities of color. Come by and play some music.

Kevin Ali

Thanks for your time…

Thanks for your time.. I feel some what guilty having just heard the story of sixto rodriguez. I am a fan of music more than any other aspect of life. I appreciate the best we have heard, all of it!

I have never understood what people mean when they say things like “art” speak to them. After listening to cold fact I finally understood. Of all the great music I listen to and appreciate. The music of Rodriguez has truly spoke to me. Pure beauty. Rodriguez is a working class hero. A legend. Thanks for your time now you can Thank me for mine.

Paul Staunton

Amazing life story

Hi, would you by any chance know the hour of birth of Mr. RODRIGUEZ ? I’m asking because when someone has such an amazing life story, you can find roots in their astro birth chart, but without the time it is imprecise.
Many thanks for your attention,

Kindest regards

“Searching For Sugar Man” Film Blows 70-year Old Fan Away

Dear Sixto,

The documentary on your life blew me away. I think I have listened to your music every day since seeing it! You are such an inspiration – your humility is just amazing. When you say in the film that you don’t have regret/anger/resentment regarding the time you did not know that your music was such a success is something everyone should take note of and learn from. And what an incredible impact you had on the South Africans struggling with Apartheid!

Your daughters are also amazing – so thoughtful, articulate, and full of pride for their father.

Please continue to make your music. I’m 70 and hope to be enjoying your music for the next 30 years 🙂

Stay well,

Helen Skelly
New Hampshire

My favourite musician of all time

Hey Rodriguez,

I know this won’t be you reading this but if possible I’d love my words to be passed on to you especially in such strange times. My name is Jacob Hall and I’m a 19 year old university student from England and came across your music about 2 years ago and since you have been my favourite musician of all time! Your lyrics are truly mind blowing accompanied by your philosophy towards life which I have seen glimpses on within your famous documentary and brief interviews with magazines. A response from you or your team would be great and as seen on your website an autograph would be one of the great from one of my idols : ) I hope you have kept safe during this pandemic and hope to hear a response from you or your team! Stay safe and thank you for your music Rodriguez.

Jacob Hall

Searching for the Sugarman | Oil Painters of America


April 5, 2021 by E. Melinda Morrison

I Wish I Could I Wish I Might
by E. Melinda Morrison
12” x 12” – Egg Tempera on Panel

I recently saw for the second time, Searching for Sugarman.  It is a fascinating documentary of a musician, Sixto Rodriguez, who recorded two albums in the late sixties in Detroit.  After being dropped from his record label in 1970, he went into obscurity, giving up his career as a professional musician and turning to construction for his living.  

His record producers (who also produced the greats of Motown) said Sixto Rodriguez was one of the best they had ever heard. They ranked him greater than Bob Dylan. But for whatever reason, the early 70’s American public did not embrace him.   A cloud of obscurity enveloped him and success eluded him.  About the time he was hanging up his guitar, a young American woman shared his album with friends in South Africa.  What follows is a lesson for all of us. 

Apartheid was in full force in South Africa when Rodriguez’s music came to light. That sharing of an album started a grassroots effort that unfolded into Rodriguez selling over half a million records and becoming a rock superstar in South Africa for more than 30 years.  He became a household name bigger than Elvis, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. However, this newfound fame was unbeknownst to Rodriguez as well as his producers.  It was only through the efforts of a South African journalist and a jewelry store owner that he found out, 30 years later, that he was famous in a country halfway around the world.   

Everyone in South Africa thought Rodriguez was dead.  Rumors of different death scenarios had circulated for years as there was no information available on him during this pre-internet time.  When a journalist found out he was alive and well, many people in South Africa did not believe it. The story unfolds from there to an invitation for Rodriguez to do a nationwide South African tour, which he did before thousands of adoring fans. 

Rodriguez’s art had a life of its own that went well beyond his or anyone’s expectations and touched a nation that badly needed his words. His music had meaning for millions of people. His art providentially found its audience. 

Last Light of Day by E. Melinda Morrison
16” x 20” – Egg Tempera on Panel

As artists, life can get in the way of getting to the easel.  Sometimes thoughts of quitting float in your head. You may never feel good enough. But I am here to say, push those thoughts aside. The world needs your voice.  It is never whether you are good enough because we all have something to say at every stage of our artistic journey.  The better path is to keep working, striving to grow each day, being honest about strengths and weaknesses in your work, and looking for ways to improve. Always improve!  Risk, experiment, try new mediums, ask and welcome feedback, be mentored and mentor others, make adjustments in your work, always set your standards high, but tell your story!  

We each have a unique artistic voice that was given us. In searching for that voice in your painting, and being true to it, you may just find yourself unintentionally touching lives that you never knew possible. 

Searching for the Sugarman, can be found on Vudu as a rental.

Finding Myself by E. Melinda Morrison
12” x 12” – Egg Tempera on Panel

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