Rodriguez Fan Message: Any chance of a 2023 tour?

Hello!! After seeing “Searching For Sugarman” my husband and I have become fans of Rodriguez and always promote the documentary and soundtrack. Any chance of a 2023 tour?? Thanks!


Rodriguez Fan Message: Have A Lovely Christmas

Dear Rodriguez,

I’ve been a fan of your music for quite some time now and had never realised your story until now. I’m not sure if this message will ever reach you, but if it does, I would like to express my gratitude for your music and the beauty of your lyrics. I have nothing but admiration and respect for you, and I wish you all the best. Have a lovely Christmas.

Warm wishes,


Rodriguez Fan Message: Thanks for enduring.

Just found you. !!!! Wow, where were you hiding.!!(?) I watched the film. Like a long lost **prophet**; the lives you touched was in the long applause. He who walked in their youthful lives was there to heard and seen. They wait for his blessing through music. They weren’t disappointed. This moment in their lives will never pass away. As he passed they felt his love and energy. What a moment to be sure for both parties. What a forever time. Wish I’d been there too.
Keep love flowing, keep music playing.

Dan – Canada- *thanks for enduring.*

Rodriguez Fan Message: Bucket List

I’m at a point in my life right now that I am making a bucket list of things that I would like to do before it’s too late. One of the items on my bucket list is to see Rodriguez live in concert, or at least meet him and hear him play at least a few chosen tunes. I love everything I know about this amazing man. I do not see any tour dates on your website nor do I find any on the research I’ve done on my own. I have several questions? Is he available for private private parties? Does he play local gigs? Is it worth it to just travel to New York and hoping to see him or is it possible to arrange a meeting. I’m looking for any help that you may be able to give me. I have been beyond impressed by this musical genius ever since someone suggested that I see his documentary, Searching For Sugar Man. Please send any and all info. All help is appreciated.


Brigid McDaniel

Rodriguez Fan Message: In the US, most people still don’t have a clue about him

Just thought I would send a quick note. I am sitting here listening to some Sixto. If not for the movie which I saw in Kuwait in 2016, I doubt I would have ever heard any of his music. In the US, most people still don’t have a clue about him. But I crank his music when I can and always hear the same thing “Who is that?” I smile with glee and so the story telling begins……..

Al Dunaway

A massive thank you to Rodriguez

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Rodriguez for (in my opinion) the best tracks ever created!! You are a true legend! I am sooooo pleased to hear that you are finally getting the royalties you so deserve! However, I understand that material things are not top of your list, which makes you all the more admirable. I will continue throughout my life to listen to your great inspirations and send you lots of love. Thank you for the music and the most wonderful riff ever produced!

Zena Deakin. Farnham, Surrey, UK. XX

Rodriguez Fan Message: Has Rodriguez Stopped Touring?

I saw “Searching for Sugarman” in 2013, the year it won the Oscar, and immediately afterwards searched for concert dates. At that time the only tours I could find were in South Africa. I started thinking about Rodriguez today — which turns out to be his birthday! — and again looked for concerts near me. From what I’ve been able to find out, he has, in the past, performed in the U.S., but it appears that he has not performed this year and has nothing scheduled. Will he be touring in the U.S. again anytime in the next few years or has he stopped touring?

Ralph Kaden

Rodriguez Fan Message: Live In Europe?

DEAR RODRIGUEZ, As I love you and your great inspiring music, my question is: will you still be giving a live performance / a concert anytime in the near future??? Any chance of seeing you live somewhere in Europe?? Wishing you a most happy, healthy and joyful 80th birthday, all the very best from Germany.


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