Reaching Out To Rodriguez

Hi folks at 🙂 I tried sending the below to the fanmail email for Rodriguez but it bounced. I know it probably won’t reach Rodriguez here but thought I’d give it a shot anyway.

Hi Sixto Rodriguez (or whoever reads your fanmail!),

I hope this email finds you well in the absurd reality of the covid world!

I am in the middle of my final year of a Music and Human Development degree in Dublin. I decided to do my musicological research dissertation on your music and its effect in South Africa during aparthied. It’s such a fascinating story and I’m delighted to get to delve into your music a bit more, and the complexities around the social and cultural phenomena in South Africa which endeared your music to so many there.

I have read all about you of course. I’ve focused on your music career but was interested that you got a BA in Philosophy and ran for Public Office. Such a well-rounded life you’ve had! It must be very strange for so many people to know so much about you, but having read the many forums on the website, it’s clear that all who know you truly admire you and love your music. I have studied some philosophy as part of my Human Development course and am an introverted deep thinker in general (something I inherited from my Dad). I also write music, sometimes about the boy-girl stuff, as you say, but I also incorporate other issues which affect me. I think your music is great and I often sing your songs to myself. I hope to learn to play some on the guitar.

Well, I just wanted to say that you’re an inspiring man and musician and it’s been a pleasure listening to and studying your music. It’s amazing to see what an eye-opening effect you had on South Africans and how your music really got them through difficult times. My brother lives in Cape Town with his wife and I hope to visit next year and walk some of the paths you did when over there. I shall be making a trip to Stephen’s record shop, too!

All the very best Rodriguez.


Katie Archer

Royalties for Rodriguez

Hello! I might be one of the last people in the U.S. to see the Searching For Sugar Man documentary – I was so moved, laughing and crying with my friend who checked it out from the public library to share with me.

My friend also had his Cold Fact CD, which I am about to rip into my iTunes Library… on the condition that I can pay Sixto Rodriguez directly. After watching the documentary and reading a few articles, I have zero confidence that purchasing any of his albums new results in revenue or royalties ever actually reach Rodriguez. So, can someone direct if he accepts Venmo or PayPal, or maybe Patreon. I poked around on this website and on the Rodriguez YouTube channel – where found a Facebook comment feed with comments similar to my feelings about buying Rodriguez albums and merch, worrying about others profiting, but him never seeing a cent. Most of us were probably not surprised about the mercenary nature of the music industry already, but Rodriguez’ story has got to be the worst of the worst as far as exploitation and fraud. Considering what Rodriguez has already been through, it seems like insult to injury to enthusiastically purchase his albums now, only to have it again get sucked down some hole… right into someone else’s pocket.

If anyone can direct me to a legit avenue to purchase his albums and/or make a direct payment to him, please let me know! I will keep looking until I find a way.


Fantastic Story

Hi there.
My wife and I have just seen the documentary about this fantastic story. It’s absolutely incredible, we sat on our settee with tears in our eyes 


The success that you received was thoroughly deserved, well done to everyone concerned…
Long may this story continue..
Take care and good luck from Paris, France

Steve n Carmen Smith

Thank you for your music

Rodriguez, I’m sure you have received thousands of messages. I just want to thank you for your music. It is simply amazing. After also watching all the videos of you I could (and reading all I could) it is obvious that you are a wonderful man whom your family loves very much. Thank you for making this world a better place…..

Chris Remlin

Karumba Queensland Australia

I am from Karumba Queensland Australia.
From the late 70’s the local commercial fishermen here have been listening to Rodriguez while working on their boats for many many years. A big percentage of us are in our late 50s to 60s now.
In 2023 Karumba will be 150 years old. And you being part of our history for so long would you think about playing here.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Leeanne Crossland

Interview with Mr. Rodriguez

Dear Rodriguez Team,

My name is Milan M.A. Gonzales, based in Berlin Germany. I’m a cultural correspondent and contributor with Pagina Siete, the leading independent daily newspaper from Bolivia, South America.

I’m writing to you as l’d like to schedule a 20-30-minute phone interview (conference call) with Mr. Rodriguez before Christmas if it’s possible.

Also wondering if Mr. Rodriguez speaks spanish.

What would work best for Mr. Rodriguez. In case you’d like to suggest any day/time, we’ll be flexible.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

Milan M.A. Gonzales

P.S. For more information, please enter the link of one of the interviews from this series. It was an interview with Mr. Gillan from Deep Purple.!

Netherlands request for Rodriguez

We are planning a tiny festival in may, we are here in the Netherlands. A post covid return to each other. Intimate and connected. There is no one we would rather book than you. We are a literary platform and believe you are the most brilliant songwriter ever, the festival will be in buses. Would you please come. We have a budget and think a moment like this would be essential to healing.


Passion and love

Hello! Mr. Rodriguez has been my companion and “spirit guide” since watching Searching For Sugarman at the beginning of the Pandemic. He has become one of my heroes and I listen to the soundtrack everyday while I ride my mountain bike out in the country. I would so love to know how he is and if he will ever perform again? My greatest wish would be to be able to talk with him to express what his music and his “being” means to me. Thank you for any help or update you can provide.’

With blessings to Sixto!


I’ll Slip Away by Rod Riguez in 1967

Originally appeared on

  • I’ll Slip Away / You’d Like To Admit It (Impact 1031) August 1967 (USA)

Cash Box, September 23, 1967 Rod Riguez could make a name for himself with this bluesy, mid-tempo rock ballad. Keep it in sight. Flip: “You’d Like To Admit It”.

These 2 songs were released as a single in 1967 and credited to Rod Riguez. The lyrics for ‘You’d Like To Admit It’ were transcribed by Glenn Coggin in January 2005.

Both songs are available as bonus tracks on the digital download release of Cold Fact by Light In The Attic Records.

The 1967 version of I’ll Slip Away was released on The Best Of Impact Records CD (Collectables COL-5883) in November 1997. Also released as a bonus track on Sugar Man: The Best Of Rodriguez (South Africa) in September 2005.

The 1967 single features more upfront Byrds-type jangly guitar, vocal harmonies and a subdued organ in the background, when compared to the early 70’s version. The strings that are so prominent on the later version are absent on the 1967 version.

— Brian Currin

I’ll Slip Away was re-recorded in 1972/73 and released on the Australian At His Best album. It is available on the 2009 re-issue of Coming From Reality and the Searching For Sugar Man soundtrack.

Promo Single (from Discogs)

Single (from Discogs)

I’ll Slip Away: As far as the Rodriguez Impact single, “I’ll Slip Away” is concerned, I would highly suspect that both sides of that single were probably recorded at Terra Shirma Studios, since most of all of the later Impact records were recorded there. But it is possible that it may have been recorded at United Sound Studios in Detroit, since Harry Balk recorded many of his artists there as well.

The “B” side of the Impact 45, “I’ll Slip Away” is a song titled, “You’d Like To Admit It”. Both sides were produced by Harry Balk (the owner of Impact). To my knowledge, the record was only issued as a “promotional” 45, and not sold commercially to the public (see note below). The record is “near-impossible” to find, due to the fact that few copies were pressed, and Impact records went out of business shortly after the record was released. By the way, the song, “You’d Like To Admit It” was also written by Rodriguez.

I’m afraid that I can’t help you out with the lyrics to the song (read them here),”You’d Like To Admit It”, because I don’t own a copy of the single. In my many years of collecting records, I have only seen ONE copy of that record for sale, and it was much too expensive for me to buy. (IT WAS ABOUT $175.00 U.S. DOLLARS!)…

— Jerry Schollenberger, “Best of Impact Records” CD producer, May 1999
Single (from Discogs)

Read some more comments from Jerry Schollenberger

Read Tim Forster’s article about these Impact releases.

I can confirm that a regular (NOT a promo) release of Impact #1031 does exist. A speculation to the contrary exists on your Sixto R. page. Thanx for the info on this artist that you supplied; you have added to my enjoyment of record collecting, and listening.

— Steve Jones, Canada, August 2003


And I’ll forget about the girl that said no
Then I’ll tell who I want where to go
And I’ll forget about your lies and deceit
And your attempts to be so discreet

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

And you can keep your symbols of success
Then I’ll pursue my own happiness
And you can keep your clocks and routines
Then I’ll go mend all my shattered dreams

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

Cause you’ve been down on me for too long
And for too long I just put you on
Now I’m tired of lying and I’m sick of trying
Cause I’m losing who I really am
And I’m not choosing to be like them

And if you get bored or got loneliness
Or it’s dislike for me you express
I won’t care if you’re right or you’re wrong
I won’t care cause you see I’ll be gone

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

Maybe today, yeah (I’ll slip away)
Maybe today, yeah
Maybe today, yeah
Maybe today, yeah


You were the girl that laughed when I tried
You were the one that smiled when I sighed
You didn’t like my style or my songs
Now tables turned and you find you were wrong

So when I see you again I’ll just grin
Cos’ I’m glad that you had better sense than to mess up my life.

You haven’t changed and I know that you won’t
You stare at my back, then pretend that you don’t
You were too cute and correct to be mine
Now I’m kinda glad that we didn’t find time

So when I see you again I’ll just grin
And you know why it is, cos’ I’m glad that you’re his and not mine

I’m in the mood to reveal how I feel
You weren’t that sharp, but you had some appeal
Now there’s a hint of regret in your eyes
But you won’t tell me, and your smile’s your disguise

So when I see you again I’ll just grin
Cos’ I’m happy I’m here and that you’re way the heck over there!

All lyrics written by Rodriguez

Jamie’s Rodriguez Story

I hope you’re all well. I live in England and I just wanted to share my Rodriguez story with you.

I buy cd collections from people in the vain hope of finding the hidden gem you can’t stop playing. Well a few months ago I got a pile from a charity and it had Coming From Reality in the box. I’d never heard of Rodriguez so it ended up on the listen pile and I couldn’t stop listening to it! I had no idea of his back story but I mentioned it to a few friends and was told watch Searching For Sugar Man. So this morning that’s just what I did and what an amazing and heartbreaking story! I had tears in my eyes watching him come on stage. Cold Facts has gone from the Christmas list to the being delivered tomorrow list.

It’s an absolute disgrace that someone has made a LOT of money from your huge talent but that’s the music business and it will never change. I hope your heart is warmed more by the fact that you have brought so many people so much happiness and will continue to do so forever.

Thank you Rodriguez, you are a wonderful person with an enormous talent.

All my warmest wishes


A letter I wrote Sugarman tonite | Danny

I am Danny Tyrell a local Detroit musician.
When you were making the movie I was working with Dennis Coffey as keyboardist. I recall Dennis and Mike meeting in the breaks of a gig
And Dennis briefly mentioned the project.
As years went on I left the group and
Went on to develop a music program in 4 rehab centers helping people recover from drugs.
One day early on I played your movie at an evening session and the response was magical.
A few guys weeped. Great discussion ensued.
Over time I believe I showed your story 100’s of times. Frequently we would split it into two nights.
The patients write success stories and write to you. Dennis agreed to deliver these to you when he joined your tour at one time. I could not get clearance to release them. It did not happen.
I always wanted to let you know how your story affected others giving them hope. There IS a part 2. A few years I had health challenges
And found your movie once again as inspiration to go on.
You have been a blessing to many. I can testify to that. Thank you for the generous story

Love and Light

Danny Tyrell

A Message From Brazil

My name Geisa and I am from Brazil.
I believe as many people around the world, I had never heard about you until last week.

Last Friday 30th October, I was watching a TV program about Africa, and the host talked about the famous Vinyl shop, where she talked about a man called Sixto Rodriguez, whose documentary won the Oscar.
And she also mentioned that you are more famous than Elvis. It trigged me, by the way I am a fan of him.

Immediately I started to search about you.
My Saturday morning was watching the doc, Saturday afternoon watching many videos on YouTube.
Sunday – watching your 1st visit to Africa.

I have to confess I became a fan of yours, sharing your history among my friends, who unfortunately have not heard about you yet.

It is difficult to explain why, but I do believe your life has been MUCH better now, living in anonymous and then find your fans in other part of the world.

Your lyrics have touched me profoundly as well as your history.

I know I am just another fan, but believe me I am your Brazilian fan who will promote you even more.

Congratulations on the wonderful person you are

Geisa Vinha

Brazilian fan

Brian Currin’s Tour Diary


11th February
What a day!

Firstly Sugar phoned me at 12.30 p.m. to say: “Rodriguez is coming!”

Then driving to the Waterfront in Cape Town I see spray-painted on a sign at the entrance: “Rodriguez Alive at the Velodrome 6/7 March”.

If that isn’t enough excitement for one day I see Eva’s comments on The Forum: “My father is alive and well. We are on our way to South Africa to tour”.

Who would have believed it? 6 months ago I thought he was dead, now he’s coming to perform in Cape Town!

12th February 7.20 a.m.
Radio Good Hope announces “Rodriguez is coming to South Africa!” and plays a snippet of “I Wonder”.

16th February
Cape Times confirms Cape Town concerts.

I bought my ticket today for Saturday night, 7th March front row.

Ticket 7 March 1998

The sign at the Waterfront has gone, replaced by “Respect Our Planet” or something!

17th February
Article appears in The Star in Johanneburg about the forthcoming tour.

19th February
I found out today that Rainbow Productions are the company handling the publicity for the tour.

20th February
Interview in Mail & Guardian by Craig Bartholomew.

21st February

For the first time, an International Artist will be backed by an all South African Band – Big Sky, comprising the following highly talented artists:

Willem Möller – Electric Guitar
Russel Taylor – Keyboards
Reuben Samuels – Drums, percussion
Graeme Currie – Electric bass, acoustic bass
Tonia Selley – Background vocals, percussion

The band will open the concert with acclaimed frontman, Steve Louw, performing all Big Sky’s greatest hits.

Hard in rehearsal already, the band are preparing for Rodriguez’s arrival and ensuing rehearsals, to ensure that avid fans will not be disappointed by the quality of the sound. Fans can anticipate all the great tracks from Cold Fact and more.
– Barbara Walker, Rainbow Productions, Cape Town, 21st February 1998

25th February
Posters for the Cape Town concerts start appearing around Cape Town.

Poster Cape Town
Poster Cape Town

28th February

Old Mutual Direct welcomes Rodriguez to South Africa.
– The Saturday Paper, Natal, 28th February 1998

1st March

Today Rodriguez and his entourage leave Detroit to begin their two week/six date South African tour. We at the Great Rodriguez Website are proud to have been part of the process that has resulted in this tour and wish Rodriguez and all his family a successful tour and an enjoyable stay in our country. Your much anticipated visit is truly the answer that will make all those questions disappear.
– Stephen “Sugar” Segerman, The Forum, 1st March 1998 (Sunday 8.07 a.m.)

2nd March (Monday 9 p.m.)

A night I’ll never forget.

Phone rings: “Hi Brian, this is Eva, would you like to meet my father?”
Would I ever? I rush over to his Camps Bay guest house to meet the man, his family, the Big Sky band, the management and promotion people…

What a thrill! The guy is cool, laid back, friendly, open. He thanks me for my efforts with this website and answers my inane questions about album releases, musicians, etc.

Zev Eizik, Rodriguez’s manager (and Rodriguez family friend) gives me an original 1977 vinyl copy of the Australian-only album At His Best and Rodriguez autographs the lyric sheet for me!

I meet Eva, Konny (Rodriguez’s wife) and Regan his third daughter. They laugh when they tell me that they knew where Rodriguez was all the time! Sandra couldn’t be here because she’s just had a baby – the Man is a grandfather!

Sugar and I walk around in a daze the whole evening. We eventually leave at about 1am, exhausted, drained, uplifted, overwhelmed…

2 March 1998

3rd March

Photograph in Cape Argus

Cape Argus March 3, 1998

3rd & 4th March
Rehearsals at Milestone Studios in Cape Town

5th March (Thursday)
7 a.m. Rodriguez interviewed on The Breakfast Club TV program (SABC 2).

10.30 a.m. Eva, Sugar, Craig and Brian meet at Nino’s in Cape Town.

Sugar, Brian, Eva, Craig, David 5 March 1998
Sugar, Brian, Eva, Craig, David 5 March 1998

7.30 p.m. Rodriguez interviewed on Front Row TV program (MNET) and performs an “unplugged” solo version of “I Wonder”.


The Tour:

Tour Programme
Tour Programme

6th March (Friday)
12 p.m. I attend an hour of rehearsals at the Velodrome (after delivering the lyrics for A Most Disgusting Song at Eva’s request!). They rehearse “Sandrevan Lullaby – Lifestyles”, but don’t perform it at the concerts!

9.30 p.m. Rodriguez rocks Cape Town. He appears on stage to a standing ovation and everybody sings along to the songs. What a performer, what a show!

David, Brian, Craig, Sugar 6 March 1998
David, Brian, Craig, Sugar 6 March 1998

7th March (Saturday)
Another great show, even better than Friday night. This man is a legend – no new album, no single on the charts yet he attracts huge audiences from all age groups!

Rodriguez and Big Sky On Stage 7 March 1998
Rodriguez and Big Sky On Stage 7 March 1998 | photo: Brian Currin

Rodriguez, Brian 7 March 1998
Rodriguez, Brian 7 March 1998

Set List 7 March 1998

10th-13th March

…I had the pleasure of seeing the great man at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg and it was awesome!!! Truly great concert.
– Wayne Lord, 9th March 1998

Craig Bartholomew says that he met Sandra (Rodriguez’s daughter) after the show, so she must have just arrived, because she wasn’t in Cape Town.

Went to see Mr Rodriguez live, on stage, in SA tonight – what an utterly amazing experience. I can now die a happy woman.
– Lydia Steffens, 10th March 1998

Rodriguez at Allenby Campus
Oh, about the Allenby Campus (Bramley) appearance – it was amazing!! He appeared at the music school there the one morning. I can’t remember the exact date but I can try find out for you if you want… (wait now that I think of it, it was the day of his 1st or 2nd JHB concert).

He arrived there the one morning and headed for the practice room where the students perform – on his way there, he walked passed me and greeted me and asked me how I was doing, etc. Anyway, from there he went to the stage where people were allowed to ask questions, etc. He answered all of them and I found him to be extremely intelligent and he was very polite – when someone in the audience sneezed he said, “bless you”.

He also performed 3 songs for us: Sugar Man, I Wonder and some other track he said was going to be on his new album. This was especially cool ’cause there were only like 100 people in the room – it was amazing. And afterwards he signed autographs for about half an hour… I got one! When I approached him, he kept thanking me for having him there… I think I told him that I loved him and I remember saying to him, “thanks for the music, man!”.
– Dudley, 4th August 1998

I went to the concert at the Carousel & was amazed. I am a new fan, don’t know much about the background to Rodriguez or his music, but I loved the concert. I found his interaction with the crowd amazing, he came across as down to earth, sincere & totally amazed by the roaring of the crowd for more.
– Christal Cadger, 11th March 1998

The Rodriguez Concert was undoubtably the greatest I have ever attended. Only a great person could be so humble; reading his sheets and squinting and touching the audience.
…and don’t try to enchant me with your manner of dress ‘cos a monkey in silk is a monkey no less. Genius.
– Justin Frank, 13th March 1998

I attended the Durban gig. It was amazing! I am 17 and was introduced to Rodriguez by the Brother. Rodriguez’s music has changed the way I look at music, life and poetry (he is a poet!)
– Darren Wood, March 1998

15th March
This exceptional sold-out tour is now over, and we can get back to our normal lives…

Yeah, right!

What a tour, what a man, what memories – the mystery is gone, but the magic continues forever.


16th March
Show-openers for U2, Just Jinger, cover Sugar Man at the Green Point stadium and everyone sings along!

22nd March
Highveld Stereo plays I Wonder at number 88 on their All-time Top 100.

23rd March
I bought Just Jinger’s new CD today at Top CD and noticed at Musica in Claremont that Cold Fact was number 11 in their Top 50 sellers! Titanic was number 1 (of course).

Dear friends,

I reviewed your comments, impression and responses. This is my first message on the “net”. We are at Wayne State University Library, Detroit, Michigan.
I have been in Detroit for about a week.
The RSA (Republic Of South Africa) was an extraordinary event for me.

Thank you for your thoughts, kindness and energy.
I will stay posted and will respond further as soon as I get my equilibrium back.

Rodriguez, 23rd March 1998

26th March
News report appears in USA Today about SA tour.

30th March

Sugar’s post-tour message on the Rodriguez Forum

So, Rodriguez’s tour of South Africa is over. Less than a year ago the possibility of this happening was so unthinkable that there were actually people in SA who didn’t go to the shows believing it was a hype! The tour was a wonderful success from every aspect and the Cult of Rodriguez keeps growing. The word has gone around the world about this event and requests for tours have been received from Toronto, Augusta, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We are also honoured to have a message on this web-board from Rodriguez himself who, I believe, is getting cyberactive to monitor his two websites. In the March 26th edition of USA Today, the global US newspaper, there is an article by Ellis Cose who is a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine. It is an article titled “Singer embodies So. Africa’s hopes” and is, to my knowledge, the first article about Rodriguez to appear in any American publication. There is talk of a video documentary that was shot during the tour, the possibility of a release of a live CD from the tour and the added possibilty of a new album by Rodriguez. Please watch this space for further news.

I was also one of a number of people who were interviewed for an article to appear in the Wall Street Journal during the next few days, also about Rodriguez and his SA tour. Seems America is waking up to the existence of this unknown star in their midst. About time too! I guess we have to thank the American pres. Bill Clinton for this as due to his visit here, there were a number of journalists hanging around SA and while they were here, the whole Rodriguez tour phenomenon happened and caught their attention. I firmly believe that we are seeing the beginning of Rodriguez’s world-wide revival.

It is a fact that George Bernard Shaw’s plays were only produced for the first time when he was 94 years old. Rodriguez is far younger than that and is in great shape both physically and mentally. The timelessness of his songs and music, as evidenced by the SA concerts and the number of messages on this web-board, is a clear indication that the new Rodriguez era has just begun. Couldn’t happen to a cooler person. We South Africans thank Rodriguez for his time, his music, his grace, friendship and generosity and most of all… for bringing back all those colours to our dreams!!

3rd April

Sony Music SA recently recorded Rodriguez’s second Standard Bank Arena show for release on CD. The album will be entitled Live Fact and is scheduled for a late April release.
– Rui De Sousa, Strategic Marketing Manager of Sony Music South Africa, 3rd April 1998

8th April 9.26 p.m.
Radio Metro play a rap / hip-hop version of I Wonder, performed by Generation EXT.
This is the very first time this re-make is being played on air.
Vocals by Philippa Berrington-Blew and rap by Tazz.
Produced by Barry Dean and co-produced by Craig Bartholomew.

Very cool.

“Sounds good to me” says DJ Wilson B Nkosi.

This song is as yet unlicensed to any label, but I believe various major labels are interested. This track is chosen as the hit-pick of the week and will be played every evening around 11 p.m.

21st April
Cold Fact
is at number 30 in Musica’s Top 50 sellers. Not bad for an album first released in SA in 1971 and more than a month after the tour.

22nd April
Just Jinger
release their new video, Live, Unplugged & Backstage which includes a live and unplugged version of Sugar Man recorded at the Little Theatre, Pretoria on the 17th October 1997.

8th June
Tonia Selley tells me she is directing a film documentary of the SA tour. The SABC have bought the programme and it will hopefully be aired in November.

12th June
Live Fact released in South Africa.

13th June
Theunis Engelbrecht plays songs from Live Fact on Punt Radio (on 729MW in Cape Town and 1332 MW in Gauteng) between 7 and 10pm. I don’t receive MW very well, but I heard Climb Up On Music just before 8pm.

17th & 18th June
Rodriguez performs at the Blues Room in Johannesburg to launch the Live Fact CD.

5th November
Rui De Sousa tells me that almost 9000 copies of Live Fact have been sold to date.

13th March The Village Green Durban

The Set List

  1. I Wonder
  2. Only Good For Conversation
  3. Can’t Get Away
  4. Crucify Your Mind
  5. Jane S. Piddy
  6. To Whom It May Concern
  7. Like Janis
  8. Inner City Blues
  9. Street Boy
  10. A Most Disgusting Song
  11. Halfway Up The Stairs
  12. I Think Of You
  13. Rich Folks Hoax
  14. Climb Up On My Music


  15. Sugar Man
  16. Establishment Blues
  17. Forget It

I attended the Durban gig. It was amazing! I am 17 and was introduced to Rodriguez by the Brother. Rodriguez’s music has changed the way I look at music, life and poetry (he is a poet!)
– Darren Wood, March 1998

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