Royalties for Rodriguez

Hello! I might be one of the last people in the U.S. to see the Searching For Sugar Man documentary – I was so moved, laughing and crying with my friend who checked it out from the public library to share with me.

My friend also had his Cold Fact CD, which I am about to rip into my iTunes Library… on the condition that I can pay Sixto Rodriguez directly. After watching the documentary and reading a few articles, I have zero confidence that purchasing any of his albums new results in revenue or royalties ever actually reach Rodriguez. So, can someone direct if he accepts Venmo or PayPal, or maybe Patreon. I poked around on this website and on the Rodriguez YouTube channel – where found a Facebook comment feed with comments similar to my feelings about buying Rodriguez albums and merch, worrying about others profiting, but him never seeing a cent. Most of us were probably not surprised about the mercenary nature of the music industry already, but Rodriguez’ story has got to be the worst of the worst as far as exploitation and fraud. Considering what Rodriguez has already been through, it seems like insult to injury to enthusiastically purchase his albums now, only to have it again get sucked down some hole… right into someone else’s pocket.

If anyone can direct me to a legit avenue to purchase his albums and/or make a direct payment to him, please let me know! I will keep looking until I find a way.



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  1. It looks like a lot of his royalties went into the Sussex label and they never bothered to pay Rodriguez what he was due. When Clarence Avant jokes that Rodriguez sold 6 records in total in the US and that he and his family bought some of those, I smelled a rat. That he took the interview, his behaviour in it made me think (and I may be totally wrong of course) that he knew all about the money coming in from South Africa and other countries – a grubby, deplorable secret – whilst Rodriguez lived in near poverty for decades. I had previously seen the “Black Godfather” documentary about Avant and was impressed with his achievements, though not coming across as likeable. I would not put it past him to have ruthlessly exploited an artist when he thought no one was looking, or even, in plain sight.


  2. Me too – just rewatched Looking for Sugarman and again cannot believe he is not a legend in the US,… and need someone to help him collect direct payment, so much other crap music in this world in comparison that is worthless – Rodriguez your music is worth every cent


  3. Right on man. If you get a reply, I hope that you’ll paste it here so that others who feel the same way as you, like I do, can do the same.


  4. I’d like to keep up with this also and would have no problem sending Mr. Rodriguez a direct payment because I truly enjoy his music.


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