Fantastic Story

Hi there.
My wife and I have just seen the documentary about this fantastic story. It’s absolutely incredible, we sat on our settee with tears in our eyes 


The success that you received was thoroughly deserved, well done to everyone concerned…
Long may this story continue..
Take care and good luck from Paris, France

Steve n Carmen Smith


One thought on “Fantastic Story

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  1. I’ve discovered the documentary recently even I’ve have songs of Rodriguez in my Playlist since several years.
    As many people I’ve thought he died.
    What a surprise. Happy to hear that but at the same time it’s so sad. A shame that the world did not know him as he deserves.
    His music is timeless lyrics brilliant. And his voice!! OMG.
    When you hear his voice it’s impossible to forget. Thx for your amazing job and Thx to South Africa to keep him alive.❤️
    Léna a big fan from France


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