Thank you for your music

Rodriguez, I’m sure you have received thousands of messages. I just want to thank you for your music. It is simply amazing. After also watching all the videos of you I could (and reading all I could) it is obvious that you are a wonderful man whom your family loves very much. Thank you for making this world a better place…..

Chris Remlin

3 thoughts on “Thank you for your music

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  1. Dear Mr. Rodriguez, you have brought happiness, love, groove and thoughtfulness into our home. My husband and I make artwork listening to your words and deeply enjoy your music. Thank you for the gift to give to millions of people. 2021 will bring Magic Art Music and Love.
    Be well, Eliza&Christian Roesch

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  2. Mr. Rodriguez-my son died at age 28 from a brain tumor. Just wanted to let you know that listening to the lyrics Thinking of You always brings me to tears because I always think of him when listening to the lyrics.
    He was non-responsive and in a nursing home for 3 years after having a stroke in Chicago in 2015. I would sing this song to him, and he would lift his eyebrow and I knew that he heard me.

    Thank you for this gift,

    Alan Dubro


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