Searching For Sugar Man wins Bafta for Best Documentary – ITV News

Searching For Sugar Man has won the Bafta award for Best Documentary.

via Searching For Sugar Man wins Bafta for Best Documentary – ITV News.

4 thoughts on “Searching For Sugar Man wins Bafta for Best Documentary – ITV News

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  1. Meant to say in earlier post (about BAFTA Best Documentary win), good luck for the Oscars! Truly hope the film wins, so that millions more people will know about Sixto Rodriguez the man and his music, plus the message of hope that if you have a unique talent, you must never give up! Will never forget seeing Sixto in Bristol last December, an amazing, magical night. Love you Sixto!


      1. Neville, you should try to get to wherever else Sixto is performing if at all possible. You will not regret it and it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hope you do as you will always remember it. Yes, great film, but even greater subject!


      2. How strange, just after I replied to Neville, Graham Norton of BBC Radio 2 are now playing “I Wonder” (which is soon to be released here) and made a comment on SFS documentary. Let’s hope that Sixto will go mainstream now in the UK. Apparently Maureen Lipman is a fan. Sixto you will be meeting your President any day now! Re single release, I would have gone for I Think Of You, Sugarman, or Climb Up On My Music. Think they’d have more impact. Hope it becomes a huge hit though. Sure that after the BAFTA win, there will have been lots of DVD sales, which will lead to tons more people buying Cold Facts and CFR. Sixto if you need a PA/Housekeeper when you are living on your own island in the Caribbean, I am your woman! Love you!


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