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These people say ... Brian is My Web Guy
These people say … Brian is My Web Guy

A few of his recent and current projects include:

Why doesn’t my website show up in Google or other search engines?

This is probably the question I get asked most from people who have put up websites and then sat back waiting for the world to find them.

Why doesn’t my website show up in Google or other search engines?

As much as we might like to think otherwise, the world is not looking for you specifically. If they were, they could just type your web address i.e. directly into the address bar of their favourite browser and up would pop your website.

What people on the internet are looking for is solutions to their problems, and if your website offers the right solution, then it needs to appear on the first page of search results.

For example, I would like to have music people (musicians, studios, labels, shops) who live in Cape Town, and who are looking for help with online marketing, find me.

Search “online music marketing cape town” on Google and see the results.

And then search on Bing, another popular search engine.

Or Yahoo.

And try searching for “marketing south african music on the web

So who are you talking to about your online marketing?

Contact me

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SA Rock Digest: This Week 10 Years Ago

The SA Rock Digest was a weekly, free subscription e-mag about South African rock music between 1999 and 2004.

Here is the issue from 14 July 1999.


The SA Rock Digest is a weekly,
free subscription e-mag, edited
by Brian Currin and delivered
direct to your e-mailbox.

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the bottom.

Established January 1999.



The SA Rock Digest is a discussion forum for Rock music;
South African and International; past, present and future.

Read it, digest it, enjoy it, send in your comments
and tell your friends….

“Rock” is a very general term encompassing rock and roll,
pop, folk, rock, ethnic-rock, prog-rock, jazz-rock, country-rock,
soul, R&B, metal, indie, alternative, new wave, reggae, etc, etc.

Don’t get hung up…if you want to say something about the music
YOU like, go ahead, say it.

Contributions and comments:



by Sharon Gill and Steve Murdoch

JOSH SITHOLE, one of Cape Town’s best-loved musicians and a favourite of many South African music-lovers, died at his Gugulethu home on Sunday 20 June.

Sithole, a self-taught lead guitarist, began busking with the Kwela Kids in 1959 in Cape Town. In 1978 he went solo and played in venues around the country, thrilling audiences with his distinctive style. During the eighties he became known to Durban audiences through his various residencies at places like the Lonsdale and Westville Hotels.

Sithole was born in Rylands, but his family moved to Gugulethu during the era of forced removals. He was committed to his family and to passing on his skills to others. He turned down several overseas offers of contracts.

Everybody who knew him will miss him. Other musicians and people in the industry sang their praises of Sithole.

Music producer Henry Shields described him as a very influential and original player. “He is going to be missed by many people in the music industry. He was part of the musical landscape of Cape Town.”

Jazz vocalist Joe Schaffers described Sithole as a people’s person and a musician. “He could get through to everybody -even before people started talking about the ‘rainbow nation’. He could touch your feelings with his music and he was very original. It’s unfortunate he died before realising his dream of building a recording studio in Gugulethu where he planned to teach township youngsters music. He was very unselfish.”

Third Ear Music’s Dave Marks says that Sithole was possibly the hardest working musicians on the circuit, and one of the few true professionals. “The amazing thing about him was that he was the only non-white at the time gigging within the cocktail lounge and bar room circuit. It was unique. Blacks weren’t even allowed in those clubs, but when they tried to take Josh off the circuit, there was an uproar from the patrons. He played the kind of music that appealed to city folk.”

C & G Studios’ Don Clarke, says, “I think Josh probably missed his finest hour. Only now, with the focus on World Music, are we starting to attract international interest, and Josh would have been a perfect candidate for this.”

Sithole was supporting three disabled brothers at the time of his death. He leaves his wife and two daughters. He was buried at his Gugulethu home on July 4.

Article taken from the AFRICAN INVASION OF ROCK website



The Barleycorn Music Club and Sterra Promotions are staging a “Josh Sithole
Memorial Concert” which will be held at the Riverclub in Cape Town on
Sunday 1 August 1999.

All bands that play have offered their services for free and all Money
raised will go to his family.




August 4 Cape Town Bellville Velodrome
August 6 Durban Westridge Park Stadium
August 8 Sun City Superbowl
August 9 Johannesburg Standard Bank Arena




2nd full length album is due for release mid – September……
recording starts July 17.

future GIGS :
Sunday 8th August, main stage
Monday 9th August, jazz stage




We’re also playing at The Planet this Friday the 16th, so haul out the moth-eaten jersey and check us out. “The Wax Tadpoles” (Ben Amato et al) are playing with us on Friday so you’ll get more for your money! The first band will start at 9.30 and the covert should be +/- 8 SA ront.



Sons of Trout will be performing @ diamonds and pearls
Friday 16th
corner lower main and station rd
Observatory – Cape Town

“Son of Trout”


one of the guys I spoke to said that Chris Prior is apparently
with Radio 702. Rumour has it anyway …





I’d like to know if there is anybody out there who used to follow a band
called Metallic Sunn? (they later became Museum).

The line-up was first:
Patrick Canovi (Guitar)
Adrian Bekker (Keyboards)
Henry Zedras (Bass)
Gary Smith (Drums)

They won the Cape Battle of the Bands with this line-up as “Metallic Sunn”.
The band then changed the name to “Museum”. This was about mid 1974.
That line-up was as I can remember it:
Patrick Canovi (Guitars)
Gary Smith (Drums)
Henry Barenblatt (Keyboards)
Henry Zedras (Bass) ????????

I’d like to try and get hold of Patrick Canovi, as I have something that he
might be interested in.





Locomotive Breath – Rabbitt (Ian Anderson)

Trevor Rabin: vocals, guitars
Errol Friedman: guitar
Fransua Roos: keyboards
Lou Forer: bass
Cedric Samson: drums

This Jethro Tull classic, from their 1971 “Aqualung” album, was re-recorded in South Africa by a session band and released in 1972 as a single under the name “Rabbitt”.
The flip-side was an instrumental titled “And The Planets Danced”.
“Locomotive Breath” was number 96 in the LM Radio top hits of 1972.
I guess you could say it was a runaway smash!

Patric van Blerk had engaged Trevor Rabin (then only 18 years old) on a session to play guitar on a version of Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath he had wanted to do. The recording session had Errol Friedman playing guitar (Ronnie Robot’s brother), Fransua Roos on keyboards (who did the arrangement), Lou Forer (from Suck) on bass and Cedric Samson on drums. The lyrics were “cleaned-up” for the SA censors: “his woman and his best friend” were now “travelling to the sun” and “the all-time winner” had got him by…”the hands”!

When Rabbitt re-recorded this track in 1975 for their debut Boys Will Be Boys! album, the original Jethro Tull lyrics returned; a very brave move at the time!

More at:



New additions to the SA Rock Files website include
cover scans for Freedoms Children’s Battle Hymn Of
The Broken-Hearted Horde and Simply Otis Waygood,
thanks to Mike Greeff.

Andrew King has supplied some info on In The Arena by Circus
and Searching by Third Eye. All additional information is most welcome.

to see these updated webpages.



New information continues to flow into the
Climb Up On My Music website on this “American Zero,
but South African Hero”.

Recently discovered is an album from 1972 by The Family Dogg
titled The View From Rowland’s Head featuring no less than 5 cover
versions of songs from Cold Fact including I Wonder and Crucify Your Mind.

The Family Dogg included among its members, one Albert Hammond…the old
“Peacemaker” himself.




Introduction [2.34]
Season [3.03]
Judas Queen [3.54]
Mrs. Browning [3.06]
Country Boy [2.58]
Your Fathers’ Eyes [2.26]
Eclipse [3.19]
10 Years Ago [5.55]
Kafkasque [3.25]
Boundsgreen Fair [3.16]
Mrs. Wendy’s Dancing Eyes Have Died [4.34]

This album released in 1968 has all the wonderful excesses of early progressive rock; the deep “meaningful” poetry, spoken words, majestic organ-playing, sound effects, choirs, long guitar solos, etc. I love it!

The unusual Scottish/South African accent of Ramsay MacKay guides us through this album of contrasts. From the country sounds of “Country Boy” to the Traffic-style rock of “Judas Queen” this album does not let up for a moment. It rocks, it soothes, it challenges, it refreshes (thanks to the inclusion of an old Pepsi advert!).

A great album, yet to see the light of day on CD, if ever.

for more info and cover scans.



The new live CD and video recorded live in Australia in April this year is only available

Go to:
and place your order.



Derek Smith from Gallo has compiled a 2CD set called Disco Fever which features some great South African disco/dance tracks from the 70s. These 2 discs are filled to the max with music…over 150 minutes of music, memories and magic.

Artists include HOT RS, Buffalo, People Like Us, Disco Rock Machine, Rouge, John Ireland and Neil Cloud.

Buy this CD, put on your platforms, grab your cherrie and take yourself on a magic carpet ride with the delta queen to the garden of Eden.



A compilation by Derek Smith with liner notes by Malcolm Lombard. Includes all Steve’s great hits like “The Bushman”, “I Feel So Strong” (with PJ Powers), “Raising My Family” and “All I Need Is Here In Africa”.



The new Springbok Nude Girls album, ‘Surpass The Powers’, has now been released. This 11-track album, which was produced by Kevin Shirley, is also being set up for an international release with some of the earlier Nude Girls’ singles tacked on. The previous Nude Girls’ single, ‘Blue Eyes’, is already on this album along with the new singles, ‘Giant Love Affair’, ‘Again, and ‘Un-Ez’.

— Stephen Segerman


Tell us how the Springbok Nude Girls got their name and you could win a copy of the new Springbok Nude Girls CD “Surpass The Powers” courtesy of Paul Thackwray of Sony Music South Africa.



Jonathan Handley, in association with Andy Harrod of the One World online CD store, has re-released the seminal debut Rats album, ‘Into The Night We Slide’ on CDR. This limited edition CD with bonus tracks and revised artwork is available online at

More at:

Also coming soon is the Radio Rats 5th album Radio Ketamine…watch out for it.



Andy Harrod (Mad Andy to his friends), announced recently that One World Music
now includes cover scans and track listings on their extensive website.

One World Music has everything from the new Springbok Nude Girls “Surpass The Powers” to the classic “Into The Night We Slide” by the Radio Rats.

One World has an extremely wide range of CDs including Afrikaans Volksliedjies, African Traditional music, music of the Kalahari Bushmen, Sounds of Nature, Kwaito, Johnny Clegg and a host of other genres, styles and artists. Also unique releases like Chris de Burgh’s “Live In South Africa” and the “Cosmos” TV series soundtrack CD which are very difficult to find anywhere else.

If its Made In South Africa and its on CD, then its available at One World.

Visit and remember SA Rock Digest members get a 5% discount off their purchases. Just put “digest member” in brackets behind your name when filling in the order form and they will do the rest.



Visit these voting booths and cast a vote for YOUR favourites….

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News, reviews and opinions



Chris Chapman


Makes your computer sound better if you listen to MP3’s, WAV files, music samples, web radio, on-line concerts and much more.

Visit and click on QSound banner.


An extensive selection of vinyl and CDs. Big supporters of South African music.


Vinyl and second-hand CDs. Always something new.

Branches at:
Cape Town Central:
55 Castle Street (off Long Street), Cape Town

3 CHB Building (opposite the entrance to Wynberg Hospital),
Maynard Road, Wynberg

10% discount for Digest members!



Looking for Radio Rats, Popguns, Chauffeurs or Glee Club recordings?
Contact Johathan Handley for a catalogue at:

Radium Wreckords
Suite 207
Private Bag X10


by Annette Carson

The first and only definitive biography of Jeff Beck – published in South Africa in January 1999 and available by mail order from the author. Trade paperback format,
256 pages, with a comprehensive discography.



All Digest back-issues can now be downloaded as one
small zip file (less than 300kb).
Go to:


The SA Rock Digest is compiled by Brian Currin from the
“Too Good To Be Forgotten” internet message board, e-mails from
Digest members and other varied sources.

For the basic rules of the Digest please visit:
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KFC Sessions

Since 2006 KFC Pretoria has been changing the way South Africans perceive local music by giving home-grown musicians in the hip hop and rock genres the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Three years later it’s no different. In the months of June and July 2009 bands can now submit their music, videos, biographies and any other content they wish to the KFC Sessions website – A panel of industry judges will then rate music and media submitted by each act.

The weekly top 10 bands will be announced on Tuks FM and TUTFM by Barney Simon and Syko and will be published on the KFC sessions website. There will be two separate top ten pools according to the genre.

Each of the final top 5 acts (selected by the end of July) will then have the chance to prove themselves in a set of semi finals, the winner of which will walk away with R10 000 in prizes and a chance to play the gig of a lifetime. Last year winners had the opportunity to share the stage with rock legends Fokofpolisiekar in front of 6 000 adoring fans, this year is set to be no different.

KFC Sessions has provided a perfect platform for well known bands such as Kidofdoom and Japan and I to launch from, in 2009 it could do the same for yours. Visit for more information.

Music Made Easy –

Rhythm Online Music Store

Music Made Easy –

The Rhythm Online MP3 Music Store ( is a unique South African website that offers quick and easy access to an extensive catalogue of over 62,000 South African and International music tracks.

Music lovers can listen to 30-second samples of each MP3 music track on Rhythm Online without even registering. The entire full-length catalogue is available @ R7 per track and has grown to more than 5000 albums over the last three years.

Rhythm Online is run by music lovers who share a passion for music with their clients. Shopping at Rhythm Online is a friendly step-by-step process designed to instantly connect fans with their favourite music.

Since Rhythm Online is a website platform, no software needs to be downloaded before you can begin shopping. All music is free of restrictive Digital Rights Management and can be copied to your iPod, MP3 player or a disc for your personal enjoyment. And in case you lose your music, you can always download it again.

With a dedicated support team that communicates directly with their clients, the simple download and registration process makes it easy for anyone to own music through Rhythm Online.

South African Catalogue

Rhythm Online offers an extensive variety of South African Music with more than 1000 SA albums listed in a wide variety of genres and languages. Popular artists include aKING, Chris Chameleon, Foto Na Dans, Zebra & Giraffe, Fokofpolisiekar, Gang of Instrumentals, Kurt Darren, Karen Zoid, Koos du Plessis, Juanita du Plessis, Koos Kombuis and Flash Republic.

Exclusive gems like David Kramer’s classic albums, including Blokkies Joubert – unreleased on CD – are also available. Des and Dawn Lindberg (with live recordings from the 60s) is now available, along with the complete Anton Goosen catalogue, including albums such as Lappiesland, never released on CD – now available as MP3 downloads on Rhythm Online.

Rhythm Online makes South African music available to music lovers around the world. “Against All Odds,” the new album by aKING, the popular South African band, was downloaded by fans from around the world – London, Perth and the USA – within hours of release.

International Catalogue

Selected albums from Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Simply Red and Louis Armstrong and many more are available. There is also a huge collection of Rock, Jazz, Folk, Rap, Hip Hop, Classical, Metal, Gospel, Children’s Songs and more.

Rhythm Online is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Credit card payments and bank deposits (South African residents) are accepted. Prepaid Credit and Gift Vouchers are also available.

Follow the latest Rhythm Online releases on Twitter:

Media contact

Liny Kruger, Rhythm Promo: 021 556 1726 / 082 464 1926 /

aKING – Against all Odds – now available to download

“Against All Odds”, the new 11-track aKING album has been released for downloading from the Rhythm Online MP3 Music Store.

By special request and popular demand this album has been ripped at 320kbps and the album cover is included in the ID3 tags.

The price is still only R7 per track.

Press release

aKING – Against all Odds


Following the runaway success of their first full length album “Dutch Courage”, aKING present  “Against all Odds”, their next delivery of chart-topping power tunes.

Produced by multiple award winning producer Theo Crous, “Against all Odds” introduces marked progression and a new edge to aKING‘s pop rock identity.

The eleven new tracks offer a variety of melodic moods, for example the punchy pop rock title track “Against all Odds”, classical rock arrangements like “The heart of a Fool”, and an anthemic ballad “You and I”. The melodical sing along acoustic arrangement of  “Know your Bones” showcases aKING’s brilliant song writing abilities. The track “Face-brick Constellations” provides you with a lush indulgence in Southern Mississippi dark swampy guitar sounds.

The lyrics were once again co-written by Laudo Liebenberg and Hunter Kennedy.

Laudo says: “It wasn’t so hard to say what I wanted to say this time round. The writing process flowed much more easily.”

I find delight in empty days – I take my counsel with wine.” From “You and I”.

“I know my language has always been my limit  – and this slurred speech is my own.” From “Heart of a Fool.”

“Glorious mistakes are anxiously waiting to be made – in the nervous arms of a breakdown I find embrace.” From “Know your Bones”.

aKING manages yet again to capture the strange contrast of their unique socio-political situation.  Whereas Dutch Courage” had a more tongue in the cheek ring to it, Against All Odds is more direct, cutting to the bone. It is still driven with the infectious, sing along positive energy that currently distinguishes aKING as one ofSA’s most significant bands.


  1. Set ourselves up.
  2. Fork in the Road.
  3. Face-brick Constellations
  4. The heart of a Fool
  5. Gentile Gentleman
  6. You and I
  7. Against all Odds
  8. Blood or Glitter
  9. New Clear Season
  10. The Wishing Well
  11. Know your Bones

All MP3s on the Rhythm Online Store are DRM-free and will play on your iPod or any MP3 player.

Rhythm Online is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Store accepts payment by credit card and they also accept Electronic Funds Transfers from South African residents.

Pre-paid credit and Gift Vouchers are also available.

Please follow Rhythm Online on Twitter

Old guys rock!

Some of the current tunes that I am really impressed with, by some of the older statesmen of rock.

Sugar Man – Rodriguez, from the Daytrotter sessions, recorded 5 May 2009. Awesome.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen, from his new Live In London double CD. What a fantastic version, and the gospel-style Hammond B3 organ solo is amazing.

Light A Candle – Neil Young from Fork In The Road. Haunting and poignant.

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ – Bob Dylan, from Together Through Life. Rollicking, ‘Black Magic Woman’-ish boogie blues. Love it.

Queen Of the Supermarket – Bruce Springsteen, from Working On A Dream. A wall of sound production for what is essentially a sweet little song. Like The Kursaal Flyers ‘Little Does She Know’.

Jozi TownJack Hammer and Tidal Waves, from Highway 13. Jack Hammer celebrate their 25th Anniversary this year. This reggae track that closes last year’s Highway 13 album, speaks straight to the heart of xenophobia.

Magnificent – U2, from No Line On The Horizon. Magnificent? Maybe not, but very good? Definitely.

The Beatles Yellow Album (a virtual collection)

A selection of solo tracks from the Fab Four. Nothing unusual or rare here, just cool to have them all in one place.

The Beatles - Yellow Album
The Beatles - Yellow Album
1 Paul McCartney & Wings Maybe I’m Amazed
2 John Lennon with Elton John Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
3 George Harrison My Sweet Lord
4 John Lennon Stand By Me
5 Paul McCartney & Wings Listen To What The Man Said
6 Ringo Starr It Don’t Come Easy
7 George Harrison Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
8 John Lennon Instant Karma!
9 Paul McCartney & Wings Junior’s Farm (radio edit)
10 Paul McCartney & Wings Jet
11 John Lennon (Just Like) Starting Over
12 Ringo Starr You’re Sixteen (You’re Beautiful Your Mine)
13 Paul McCartney & Wings My Love
14 John Lennon Imagine
15 Paul McCartney & Wings Let Me Roll It
16 Ringo Starr Photograph
17 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run
18 Ringo Starr Back Off Boogaloo
19 Paul McCartney & Wings Live And Let Die
20 John Lennon Give Peace A Chance
21 George Harrison Bangla Desh

Virtual Collections: The Beatles Green Album

The Beatles - The Green Album
The Beatles - The Green Album

A virtual collection (this could fit on a single CD) to complete the Red and the Blue album series. Starts with an early version of ‘One After 909’ and includes some early singles and songs not composed by the Beatles, then some classic album tracks and finishes off with the 2 “artificially-created” Beatles songs from the mid-90s.

(Originally appeared on Art Of The Mix in 2005)

1 The Beatles One After 909 (1960 rehearsal)
2 The Beatles Ain’t She Sweet
3 The Beatles Cry For A Shadow
4 The Beatles Twist & Shout
5 The Beatles I Should Have Known Better
6 The Beatles Rock ‘n Roll Music
7 The Beatles Words Of Love
8 The Beatles Long Tall Sally
9 The Beatles Slow Down
10 The Beatles You’re Going To Lose That Girl
11 The Beatles Bad Boy
12 The Beatles I’m Down
13 The Beatles The Word
14 The Beatles Doctor Robert
15 The Beatles Here There And Everywhere
16 The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows
17 The Beatles Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!
18 The Beatles When I’m Sixty-Four
19 The Beatles Birthday
20 The Beatles Glass Onion
21 The Beatles Helter Skelter
22 The Beatles Happiness Is A Warm Gun
23 The Beatles Savoy Truffle
24 The Beatles I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
25 The Beatles Hey Bulldog
26 The Beatles One After 909
27 The Beatles Free As A Bird
28 The Beatles Real Love

My favourite place for vinyl and a place that reminds me of the type of record store I used to hang-out in when I was a teenager is Mabu Vinyl in Cape Town.

Shine On, Syd – A Tribute to Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd – Shine On, Syd [2006]
Shine On Syd

With Syd Barrett’s passing on the 7th July 2006, I decided to compile my own virtual collection (will fit on a single CD, I think) in honour of his music and influence. I included Pink Floyd songs that do not feature Syd’s playing, but that are definitely about him. I made a cover to look like an old cassette as if this really was a mixtape. And I thought Syd would appreciate looking at the world from a different angle.

  1. I’m A King Bee – Pink Floyd [02:56]
  2. Astronomy Domine – Pink Floyd [04:02]
  3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, part 2 [Syd’s Theme] – Pink Floyd [02:30]
  4. See Emily Play – Pink Floyd [02:48]
  5. Scream Thy Last Scream – Pink Floyd [04:32]
  6. Lucy Leave – Pink Floyd [02:47]
  7. Interstellar Overdrive (extract from January 1967 version) – Pink Floyd [04:50]
  8. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, part 4 [1st vocal section] – Pink Floyd [02:20]
  9. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd [05:09]
  10. Interstellar Overdrive (closing section) – Pink Floyd [02:31]
  11. Octopus – Syd Barrett [03:41]
  12. Arnold Layne – Pink Floyd [02:49]
  13. Bob Dylan Blues (demo) – Syd Barrett [03:05]
  14. Vegetable Man – Pink Floyd [02:22]
  15. Paintbox – Pink Floyd [03:22]
  16. Candy & A Currant Bun – Pink Floyd [02:38]
  17. The Scarecrow – Pink Floyd [02:04]
  18. Jugband Blues – Pink Floyd [02:54]
  19. Gigolo Aunt – Syd Barrett [05:39]
  20. Dominoes – Syd Barrett [04:00]
  21. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, part 7 [2nd vocal section] – Pink Floyd [01:24]
  22. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Pink Floyd [05:15]
  23. Bike – Pink Floyd [03:20]

Top Selling CDs On Sugar Music April 2009

1 The Best Of SA Pop Volume 1
2 The Best Of SA Pop Volume 2
3 SA Party – South Africa’s Greatest Hits (2nd edition)
4 The Best Of SA Pop Volume 3
5 Sugarman – The Best Of Rodriguez
6 Coming From Reality / After The Fact (2005 South African remaster)
7 Live Fact
8 Cold Fact (2005 South African remaster)
9 Springbok Radio Top 40: Best of Volume 2 (3CD set)
10 The Warrior
Ipi Tombi featuring Margaret Singana

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