Message for Rodriguez

Dear Sixto, since years I love your music. Until 2011 I have been the artistic director of a main German festival: JazzBaltica. I tried so often to get in touch and to invite you – it never worked. I am as old as you and now I live in Berlin – still hearing and loving your art. I am writing this today, because I have seen again the film “Searching for Sugar Man”, and this touched me deeply again. You are wonderful, my dream did not come true to meet you once but your music stays a main part of my live.


Rainer Haarmann


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  1. Hi, I know this won’t be Rodriguez reading this but I hope this message can be passed onto him.

    My name is Logan Williams and I’m 15, I grew up listening to Rodriguez and ever since then I’ve been a fan.

    My grandfather had the chance to meet him and was in the documentary ‘Searching for sugarman’ he was introduced as ‘The man with the tattoo’ my grandfather was a huge fan and sang Rodriguez music at gigs.

    I’ve always wanted to make Contact with Rodriguez so when I found this website and saw that I could write a message to him, I took the opportunity.

    My biggest dream is go to one of his concerts, So Rodriguez when you have another concert is Durban, I’ll do everything I can to attend it.

    You have inspired me to practice singing so I can carry on my grandfather’s career and to carry on his name and your music.

    My grandfather was known as South Africas very own Rodriguez and I was proud of him.

    So Rodriguez when you see this, Thank you for inspiring me to do what my grandfather did.

    You’re amazing, Your music is amazing. Everything about you is amazing.
    ( I think I typed a message already but I didn’t say what I wanted to so I typed this one)

    Sincerely Logan Williams


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