Greetings from Poland

Dear Sixto Diaz Rodriguez,

I hope you’re staying in good health.

I learned about you from my man (Juan from Spain), who is always emotional about your story, and of course, he loves your music. I also enjoy listening to your songs because the lyrics are deep, and the melody is pleasant. I’m happy that your history is known and you can perform for your beloved audience.

I want to give a gift to my man on his birthday, and I thought that your autograph would be unique. So, therefore, please let me know how I can receive it.

Also, we would be honored to attend your live concert, but I can’t find any of them on your calendar, so I would appreciate such information as well.

Thank You!

Elizabeth from Poland

One thought on “Greetings from Poland

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  1. Hi, I agree with you Elizabeth.
    I felt in love with Sixto´s music a few years ago, so I would like to attend a live concert, as you!
    Belén Murga


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