Cold Facts of Sixto/3-6-2021

I’m going for a ride with Rodriguez this mornin’
they scoped his story cross my plate
-not a moment too late-
it crucified my mind and I still wonder if I got time to see tha Sugarman at Inner City Blues down on Sandraven tonight
-I’m really looking forward to it-
I’m gonna burn a pack of Sixto and chase tha dragons where tha black smoke flows
I’m gonna burn with a little Sixto this mornin’, all the way to tha Market on Lullaby Lane
I’m gonna wonder while I wander with Rodriguez
-you stay here Sixto-
me and tha Cold Facts will climb tha other half of stairs and bring it back so we can burn it over a stein of a most disgusting song
-I always wonder when I wander-

luv, Tony

P.S. you are greatly appreciated in this neck of tha woods(all of ya) wish I could shake your hands and give ya’ll bear hugs…

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