A Message From Brazil

My name Geisa and I am from Brazil.
I believe as many people around the world, I had never heard about you until last week.

Last Friday 30th October, I was watching a TV program about Africa, and the host talked about the famous Vinyl shop, where she talked about a man called Sixto Rodriguez, whose documentary won the Oscar.
And she also mentioned that you are more famous than Elvis. It trigged me, by the way I am a fan of him.

Immediately I started to search about you.
My Saturday morning was watching the doc, Saturday afternoon watching many videos on YouTube.
Sunday – watching your 1st visit to Africa.

I have to confess I became a fan of yours, sharing your history among my friends, who unfortunately have not heard about you yet.

It is difficult to explain why, but I do believe your life has been MUCH better now, living in anonymous and then find your fans in other part of the world.

Your lyrics have touched me profoundly as well as your history.

I know I am just another fan, but believe me I am your Brazilian fan who will promote you even more.

Congratulations on the wonderful person you are

Geisa Vinha

Brazilian fan


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