Searching For Sugar Man (Documentary, 2012) Review | STATIC MASS EMPORIUM

Searching For Sugar Man
Searching For Sugar Man (Documentary, 2012) Review | STATIC MASS EMPORIUM

In the modern world, celebrity culture has saturated almost every single aspect of our lives. It comes in the forms of the desperation for fame to be found on reality television, glossy gossip magazines and bookstores with entire sections devoted to celebrity hardbacks. In the modern era, a young footballer in his early twenties will already have produced at least one ghost-written autobiography. Z-list actors and one-hit pop stars are more than happy to debase themselves by eating cockroaches in the jungle. Fame has almost overtaken the resulting fortune as the coveted unit of currency and people of all shapes and sizes expressly long for it – or at least their allotted five minutes in the limelight.

In the world of music there are, naturally, alternatives to the pre-fabricated or talent show pop acts that spring up on a regular basis. The world still has many a band who get where they are through long years of graft. But given that current culture is permeated to the highest degree with a desire for fame, the story presented in Malik Bendjelloul’s riveting music documentary, Searching For Sugar Man, is even harder to believe.

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  1. I am an Australian living in Australia and I am 52 this year …. When I was 15 I was introduced to Rodiguez by an ex boyfriend and spent long hours listening to his music …. Years went by forgetting about him but always in my heart , I went to Namibia last year and made firends with a man and his wife . My husband and I went around to their house one night for dinner and he played Rodriguez , I had a tear in my eye listening to the music I had all those years ago . My husband had not heard of him and our Namibian friend was surprised I had heard of him . Getting to the present day , I had no idea of Rodriguez ever touring Australia and have unfortunately missed out again . Only just found out he is playing the next 2 days in Sydney and the tickets are sold out . In my search for the tickets I stumbled across ” Searching for SugarMan ” and as we speak I am trying desperately trying to find out how to get a copy , I will not rest until I do . I watched the trailer and tears welled my eyes ………. Thankyou for listening ……


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