Pollstar Magazine Cover


Rodriguez on cover of Pollstar, March 2013 | Doug Seymour

Doug Seymour Music Photography

Singer / Songwriter

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5 comments on “Pollstar Magazine Cover
  1. Joy Leftow says:

    Rodriguez is bigger than life, a true poet artist and humanitarian. I am very touched by his story, the story of the search by sugar-man resulting in an entirely new life and new start in South Africa where he now has extended family. I bought both albums also and as a poet, writer, and humanitarian who also was raised in poverty, I relate and feel a strong affinity with Rodriguez. I am also a retired social worker and find myself laboring for free too.

  2. Doug says:

    You can read the magazine article online: http://www.pollstar.com/hotstar_article.aspx?ID=142815
    Thanks for posting my magazine cover! Doug

  3. Omgosh!! Amazing!! I love your song but most like a song ‘ Can’t get away ‘ from Tokyo.
    Try your best !! Thanks for you gave me special songs!! So Cool!!

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