Mojo – Back To My Place Interview – March 2013

Mojo - Back To My Place Interview - March 2013

Singer / Songwriter

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2 comments on “Mojo – Back To My Place Interview – March 2013
  1. Ian Tyndale-Biscoe says:

    I just flew from Cape Town to Dubai and then on to Kuwait City. I watched the film on both flights, and was just blown away twice. my deceased brother had the vinyl album, and I remember as a kid listening to him playing it. I remember a mate of mine worked security at that first gig in Cape Town, and telling me about it afterwards. Ten years ago another mate, (the most untidy housemate on the planet) continuously played his CD, or sang “Sugarman” as we staggered back after a night out.

    Then I get home after a 3 month job just before Christmas, my fiance loaded “Sugarman” on my pickup truck’s MP3 player. We bought her dad the documentary for Christmas. Now the film is up for Oscar nomination. I’ve had fleeting connection to Mr Rodriguez, none of them unpleasant mind you. Now I have an over riding and fervent wish/hope the film wins that Oscar, so that millions more can have their own connection to such a genuine human being.

  2. Martha Shepherd says:

    Hurray, the SugarMan’s bus keeps rolling along!!
    May it continue for a long long time :))

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