Poem: “Do you see the changes music makes to the dreamers”

Do you see the changes music makes to the dreamers,
Infected the subconscience,
Built the minds of the givers,

What happened to the visionaries,
I a world that no longer cares,
A modest poor man of integrity,
Re-appears with words to share,

But why would you listen to him,
Never heard his kind before,
A prophet in the shadows,
Of his kind the world needs more,

The comfortably numb generation,
Has woken and found a new,

He’ll change your heart forever,
with one word if he can,
Lost under the rubble of a humble happy man,

But Sixto smiles and explains,
I’m building it, one piece, one day, one heart at a time.
Then I’ll Slip Away,
And leave this life with a smile

– Maddison Morgan

Singer / Songwriter

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5 comments on “Poem: “Do you see the changes music makes to the dreamers”
  1. Ida says:

    Wonderful tribute. Love this man Rodriguez.

  2. I surely wish the documentary “Searching for Sugarman” wins an Oscar at the coming Academy Awards” If there is any justice left, it will.

  3. Marsha says:

    So very much what I needed to hear today. I hope Mr.Rodriguz will continue to share his wisdom with us. Never stop creating music

  4. Angela Chavez Maisel says:

    Very nice tribute indeed. But I couldn’t find who wrote this.

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