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Rodriguez, the obscure Detroit songman who unknowingly earned a huge cult audience overseas, will meet with producers to discuss making a third album, his first in more than 40 years. Though adamant about having no specific plan, Rodriguez tells Rolling Stone that once he breaks from touring in June he will explore the prospect with Steve Rowland, who produced one of the lost albums resurrected in the Oscar-nominated documentary Searching for Sugar Man.

“He told me to send him a couple of tapes, so I’m gonna do that,” Rodriguez said in a phone interview from his Michigan home on Friday. “I certainly want to look him up, because now he’s full of ideas.”

via Rodriguez Weighs Potential Third Album | Music News | Rolling Stone.

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10 comments on “Rodriguez Weighs Potential Third Album | Music News | Rolling Stone
  1. I am SURE there is another album going to be coming our way. I cannot wait. After all these tour gigs, it will just happen like it has surely been waiting to all these years. Master poets don’t switch off the visions and music just because they are doing demolition to live.

    The next album is a triple platinum even before the first recording. I am starting to save up now.

  2. The idea of a third album makes me extremely excited. I hope it happens as I’d certainly snatch it up. I also look forward to seeing Rodriguez perform if the opportunity ever presents itself.

  3. Rene says:

    Please do it Rodriguez!!! A third album would be amazing – and I’m sure South Africans will keep it flying off the music shelves!! Good luck, and can’t wait to see you on the 9th Feb!

  4. michae Adlardl says:

    Come and tour in California. Halloween Hang Town, you know you want too. Bring it all !!!!

  5. It would be fantastic to have a 3rd album! All the South Africans from the 70’s who used to own & love your Cold Fact album (we still know all the lyrics) would totally agree with me :)

  6. Zaide Pixley says:

    In addition to a third album — can’t wait! — is there any possibility of re-issuing “Live Fact,” the live recording of the 1998 Johannesburg concert with Big Sky? Such a fabulous performance and right now available only on YouTube. We need it! Thank you, thank you, Rodriguez, for your music. it means the world to me and to so many others.

  7. mary avery says:

    Please give us another album! Having not been given the joy of his music all these years, we have much to make up for.

  8. Lucy says:

    Another album or not, Rodriguez is better than any folk singer/rock from our generation . I hope he never stops singing, maybe he’ll come back to Boston, so I can see him in person. A third CD would be great.

  9. Donna and Barry says:

    Rodriguez we love you and your music. Come to Perth Western Australia. We would love to see you in concert. We have both your albums and eagerly await the third.

  10. Timo says:

    Please come back to Amsterdam again and play for us!!!

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