Rodriguez songs covered by Steve Rowland and The Family Dogg

In 1972, an album by The Family Dogg, titled The View From Rowland’s Head was released. The producer was Steve Rowland, who produced Rodriguez’s Coming From Reality album. The Rowland’s Head album also featured Chris Spedding, the session guitarist responsible for the stunning solo on Climb Up On My Music. This album features no less than 6 Rodriguez compositions!

The View From Rowland's Head

The View From Rowland’s Head

The Family Dogg – Forget It

The Family Dogg – I Wonder

The Family Dogg – Like Janis

The Family Dogg – Crucify Your Mind

The Family Dogg – Inner City Blues

The Family Dogg – Advice To Smokey Robinson

All the original songs by Rodriguez except Advice To Smokey Robinson are available on Cold Fact.

Advice To Smokey Robinson was written by Rodriguez in the late 60’s but there is no official recording of this song by Rodriguez.

Thanks to Roanan Hawes

Singer / Songwriter

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3 comments on “Rodriguez songs covered by Steve Rowland and The Family Dogg
  1. Excellent advice to Smokey Robinson! :-)

  2. Roanan Hawes says:

    It should be noted that Steve not only produced The Family Dogg, he was also the lead vocalist (and has one hell of a voice!)

    As for Advice To Smokey Robinson, I hope the story sung in the song is true.
    If so it would rank right up there with the ‘Heikki’s’ story as true classics in the history that is Rodriguez.

  3. Marinda says:

    It’s okay, but nobody does Rodriguez songs like… well, the man himself. The only exception was Just Jinger’s version of Sugar Man. Even Rodriguez loved it.

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