15 Favourite Rodriguez Songs

As voted by visitors to the SugarMan.org blog.

1. Sugar Man
2. Crucify Your Mind
3. I Wonder
4. Establishment Blues
5. Rich Folks Hoax
6. Inner City Blues
7. Forget It
8. Cause
9. I Think Of You
10.Street Boy
11.Like Janis
12.Sandrevan Lullaby / Lifestyles
13.I’ll Slip Away
14.Hate Street Dialogue
15.Jane S Piddy


2 thoughts on “15 Favourite Rodriguez Songs

Add yours

  1. for me the best track is …sandrevan lullaby…….i must also add that the sound (his voice )on the live downloads is very faint,as anyone else found this to be true?…also does anyone know about sixto,s wife…..watching the film,and discovering rodriguez as been a fantastic journey for me,i wish him and all his family a very happy new year.xxxxx


  2. What a life discovery such a talented musician, poet, philosopher. To top it all up the most distinguished, graceful and inspiring man ! Thank you for being who you are, a truly inspiring human being.
    With gratitude
    Lucilla Baj


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