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  1. I saw Rodriguez at Brisbane’s Festival Hall in 1979, I just saw him again at the Convention Centre in Brisbane, man what a long wait but so worth it. He has been part of my life since the release of Cold Fact and is now a part of my son’s life who accompanied me to the recent concert. Personally I have always thought he was far better than Bob Dylan and should have reached the same status. May be he will now, for he truly deserves the accolades.
    Hew is a magnificent humble and thought provoking human being.


  2. I was 16 in Perth Western Australia when I found Rodriguez (Im now 52) Im not sure how I knew of him but I think he toured there and his albums could be bought easily enough. My younger sister use to hear me play him and told me about the doco – I found it really emotional (I was a bit teary) I always assumed he was an established musician in the States. Any way it was a fabulous story and has made me want to play his music all over again.


  3. Has anyone noticed some similarities with folk singer Nick Drake ? Maybe the same extra touch of soul and grace in every piece they produce ? “Cause” melody reminds me of Drake’s “Pink Moon” in a naturalistic vain, which i believe is the true genius of Rodriguez : drawing poetry from daily life facts, sad or happy.


  4. Agree…have way more than 5 favourites…
    But have loved Rodriquez since mid 70s living in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and still have the vinyl records I bought back then


  5. Merci pour toutes ces chansons fabuleuses que je ne cesse d écouter depuis la projection du film à Deauvilles
    Et le 4 juin je pourrai l écouter en live
    Thinks Mr Rodriguez !


  6. Thanks for the information Brian. I tried the Light In The Attic site but I guess they are having web site issues. I kept getting gateway error 502. I will have to try at another time.


  7. I would have to listen to all of them again to pick out the best five. They are all so good. I would like to be able to hear the song “I’ll Slip Away” to completion. In the U.S. it is difficult to find that song or even anything relating to his second album. I think the video, “Searching for Sugarman” is the best documentary I have ever seen that has touched my heart the way this one did. It is awesome and I hope his fame continues to grow even in the United States. Congratulations Sixto …wishing you and your family the best.


  8. I agree – it is hard to choose just five and stick with them. From a love-song point of view, I really rate I Think Of You. It is really poignant – we all have a love – or loves 😉 that we look back on with regret/remorse/sadness mixed with a little joy. The words exemplify those feelings. Can’t think of a bad song but some just hit you more instantly, others creep up on you a little more insidiously. Hope after BAFTA win, the documentary wins the Academy Awards and then many more millions will get to know of this very talented, sweet and modest man. Love you Sixto! J xx


  9. Lol Dave Norman, I agree. The South Africans were ahead of the curve on this one for sure. I just watched the documentary and wow, I’m really loving “Crucify Your Mind” and many of the other songs too. Downloading the entire soundtrack from the movie on iTunes right now, I hope Rodriguez gets a good cut of it.


  10. Guys as an Australian I don’t know what to say but thank-you, you crazy South African Bastards. Rodriguez is a part of life for many people in my country and yours…Thank you…Thank-you..for everything forever.


  11. Hey, it is completely fantastic to see him getting the reward he deserves. I truely hope that this allows him and his family some financial choices it which to move through his final maze !


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