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A few months ago I posted a summary and response to the independent film, “Searching for Sugar Man,” which tells the unbelievable true story of the humble yet legendary musician, Sixto Rodriguez. I had viewed the film’s SXSW Festival premier by pure chance this past spring with a friend, and have ever since adored the talents of this beloved human being, Rodriguez. Today a free poster from the event is proudly tacked on my bedroom wall. Just a few inches from the computer’s glowing white Apple icon, a Rodriguez sticker is pasted onto my MacBook Pro. “Coming From Reality,” Rodriguez’s second album, sits at the top of my small CD collection.

I remember peeking out from behind a pillar of a hotel in downtown Austin, Texas with my friend Kim the day after we saw the film back in March. There he was, to our surprise, in all his glory; Rodriguez, in the flesh, about to step into a car. He had attended and spoken at the premiere of “Sugar Man” the night before. Now he was here before us, a wondrous surprise dropped right in the middle of our stroll through the city.

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  1. The world needs more Gentle Souls like Sixto Rodriguez :))
    I first saw his film this Fall. Have seen it twice. Have been hooked ever since.
    I play his music when I am working on my computer or at night if I can’t sleep.
    The more one listens to his music and lyrics, the more Fantastic it is!!
    God Bless Sixto and his Family!!
    Martha Shepherd


  2. I am a 45 year old truck driver from England. I have just watched this film and to my great surprise was moved to tears at this incredible story of a man who almost had his dreams realized and then dashed. Only to overcome with humility , Raise wonderfully balanced children.
    Accept life’s lot and work extremely hard , for many , many years.
    To be re-discovered by extraordinary people moved by their own passion for the man’s work and mysterious background.
    Recognized at last as the musical artist and poet that he is…

    Just an extraordinary story that has moved me deeply.

    A humble man truly inherited the earth.

    And never so deserved.

    Kevin Rochlin


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