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The other reason why I didn’t do so much about the money was Rodriquez. He is a really, really different man when it comes to that stuff. I never met anyone like him. He literally doesn’t want it. You first think it’s crazy, but when you think about it, it actually makes sense. He never started to consume. And when you don’t consume there are a lot of sacrifices, of course; you can’t buy stuff and you can’t do stuff and you can’t go travelling to Mexico on nice vacations, but you also win something. You gain some freedom. No one can every tell him he has to do this, because he can always say, no I don’t need to, because I don’t need your money. I have to do stuff that I don’t want often, because I have this lifestyle that I’ve started to support. So why didn’t I say more about money? Because in the end it was only me that cared about money, because I am a normal guy who cares about money and you are too that’s why you asked that question, but he doesn’t. His is a different story. He is a different guy. – Malik Bendjelloul

via A conversation with Searching For Sugar Man director, Malik Bendjelloul – Features – Films – The Independent.


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2 comments on “A conversation with Searching For Sugar Man director, Malik Bendjelloul – Features – Films – The Independent
  1. Vanya says:

    To remain true to yourself is a struggle which you should never give up. But oh how sweet it is, when the struggle is over and you are still who you always were! Life’s too short not to be authentic. Love this man!!!!

  2. sibylle wehner says:

    i just saw the film about rodriguez in the abaton cinema in hamburg. thank you very much for this film. i hope many people will see it. this film can change your attitude towards life. i really am very impressed by the attitude of this man. he just goes on to do what he has to do. he sticks to himself. may be i can see him life in capetown one day, would love to.

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