Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind – David Letterman 14 August 2012

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8 comments on “Rodriguez – Crucify Your Mind – David Letterman 14 August 2012
  1. Jeanie Fast says:

    This man and his music give me goosebumps. What an artist! Caught the last few minutes of David Letterman and this was on. Glad I stayed and listened. I am now a fan. He seems so humble and I appreciate that.

  2. Theo says:

    a music institution…

  3. Lois Loftus says:

    Congrats rodriguez! Detroit says hello

  4. jells says:

    Goodbumps? Trying to get my whole family to listen to this. It is fantastic and my new music passion.

  5. Corinne Morris says:

    His music touched so many of us growing up in Apartheid South Africa. He was so ahead of his time , it’s just unbelievable that he wasn’t a hit everywhere. Download his album Cold Fact from iTunes. My kids love it too.

  6. Brad says:

    Been listening to this dude fo r 30 yrs,I never lost Sugarman!!

  7. lou moreno says:

    I saw the movie – simply awesome, brought tears and great joy for my latino brethren whose beautiful music was terribly bypassed by our US entertainment industry. His performance on the Lettermen Show was simply terrific!

  8. Jon kerr says:

    Its been a long time coming, good luck my friend..
    Jon kerr

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