“He’s Like The Silkworm” – Rick Emmerson

Rick Emmerson
Rick Emmerson (from Searching For Sugar Man film | Sony Pictures Classics)

What he’s demonstrated very clearly is that you have a choice. He took all that torment, all that agony, all that confusion and pain and he transformed it in to something beautiful. He’s like the silkworm, you know, you know you take this raw material and you transform it, and you come out with something that wasn’t there before, something beautiful, something perhaps transcendent something perhaps eternal, in so far as he does that I think he is representative of the human spirit of what’s possible that you have a choice, this has been my choice, to give you “Sugar Man”, now have you done that…ask yourself ? – Rick Emmerson

Thanks to Chronicles of Illusions for the transcription.

Searching for Sugar Man or success of a different kind – Unschooling NYC

In discussions around education, we talk a lot about success. Often we talk in terms of monetary success (usually referred to as ‘financial security’ which makes it sound less greedy). Less often we refer to success in terms of happiness, fulfillment, spirituality or family; it is assumed, perhaps, that career and financial success inevitably lead to the other types of success.

Of course a lot of financially successful people are miserable in their personal lives, and on the other hand it is more difficult to appreciate the beauty of nature when you are busy wondering where your next meal will come from.

Ideas of what constitutes personal and/or financial success are so varied and individual in nature that it is difficult to speak of it in broad terms, and one of the reasons I abhor discussions in which someone tries to insist that without a 4 year degree, success is forever out of reach.

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Hi Guys some insight from some one whom used to chase money. I still run my own operation but over that last two years i have gone from being desperate for money and having MAJOR cash flow issues to not having to chase money and NO MORE cash flow issues. Previously i used to budget and spend money based on quotes that i felt should be approved. When i stopped working like that and started budgeting and spending money that i actually had in the ba … Read More

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