Fan Message from Detroit

My name is Beau, I’m a 20 year old folk singer in Detroit.

I found your music two years ago, when I was living in Hamtramck. Cold Fact seemed to define that year for me.

I always wanted to play music but I found it so hard to start. I heard your record and it kicked me into action. I had a thought like “here’s this amazing artist, from my city” That’s the year I started writing.

I put on your record today and I thought about that year: about the housing instability, the financial struggle, being alone. But I also thought about the fire it lit under me. I wanted to write songs that made me feel the way your music made me feel.

I needed to sing if I was gonna handle life these days.

I’m playing my first show this May. I’m doing so much better. Music is medicine I really believe that.

I know I’ve never met you but you are a mentor to me. When I think of my hometown I think of you. Thank you for helping me.


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