“Searching For Sugar Man” Film Blows 70-year Old Fan Away

Dear Sixto,

The documentary on your life blew me away. I think I have listened to your music every day since seeing it! You are such an inspiration – your humility is just amazing. When you say in the film that you don’t have regret/anger/resentment regarding the time you did not know that your music was such a success is something everyone should take note of and learn from. And what an incredible impact you had on the South Africans struggling with Apartheid!

Your daughters are also amazing – so thoughtful, articulate, and full of pride for their father.

Please continue to make your music. I’m 70 and hope to be enjoying your music for the next 30 years 🙂

Stay well,

Helen Skelly
New Hampshire


One thought on ““Searching For Sugar Man” Film Blows 70-year Old Fan Away

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  1. I too am 70 years old and have been rocking on his music for a very long time, even from my time in Vietnam, with his release in 1970 of; “This Is Not a Song, It’s an Outburst: Or, the Establishment Blues”……I am one who thought he had passed, but years ago found that was not true.

    Take care…….Tony


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