Remembering Albert Rojas

Albert Rojas & Desiree Bates Rojas

To: Sixto Rodriguez

My father, Albert Rojas, was a labor and human rights organizer for over 50 years. 

He was born on 31st July 1938 and he died on March 20, 2021.

He was the co-founder of UFW (The Farmworkers Union from California). He never got the credit, nor the fame, for building this union. He took his family on the Grape boycott to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 3 years, and remained as head UFW organizer earning $5 a week.  We lived off donated food, clothing, and housing. 

In Pittsburgh it was the Jewish, Catholic, and Black communities that supported our family with love, and on the Grape Boycott.  My father believed in ending indentured servitude and child labor in the fields, as he was a farmworker himself.

He help co-found 2 other unions, and saved many lives in Mexico when labor activists were killing teachers of the Teachers Union, GM Workers, Electrical workers and the Farm Workers of San Quintin BC in Mexico who called for today’s Driscoll boycott.

He is being recognized in Mexico as “Comandante Al Rojas” because he was fearless in helping the desperate and poor. He used his legacy to save lives.

Your song ‘I Think Of You’ is carrying me through. So I’m asking if you would please consider performing this song for my father in front of 500 people in Sacramento at Southside Park on April 24th.

My father was never recognized a lot, like your life, until now. The Universe is mysterious and also perfect in time and how it loves…….

Please, please would you consider?

Maybe, because of the Covid, we could maybe get a video of Rodriguez performing the song (‘I Think of You’) with a message, which would also be so gratefully received too. But, of course  we would Love to have him perform. Although we wouldn’t be able to pay him what he normally gets for his live performances as we dont have the amount of money to pay him.  This, in my book is worth every cent.  But we just dont have this kind of money.  So I’m also suggesting and hopefully requesting a video of this song with maybe a dedication?

I would be very grateful if someone could please contact me.

My cell number is 916-390-0874

I’m Albert Rojas’ daughter and I’ve been at my father’s side my whole life politically.

Thank you!

Desiree Rojas


My Facebook page: Desiree Bates Rojas


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