Your songs have set me free

Silver, Magic Ships you carried….I’ll keep you alive cause’ I climbed on to your music through my father and your songs have set me free, your birthday is around the corner and I hope you enjoy it.

I’m not wanting to promote myself as a musician, climb up to my music, love and music are free for all and to share devotion….in a few weeks I’ll finally record on a decent studio and I want you to know that my desire is to have the chance of playing one of your songs (please Sir, choose it I’ll sing for you all of my EP’s from the past, are garage recordings that are made of 6 songs, because the moon was hanging from a purple sky, but it will be shining as it always will do,

Sir it will be a true pleasure, if you have the chance of a virtual call….hope this brief letter gets to you… +52 998 845 61 78 I live in Cancún, México.

Jorge Alberto Dupinet Rodríguez “Dee Rodríguez”


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