A Message From Rudy.

There are only two photographs on the walls of my home. The first is a black and white of my father, a musician who passed five months before I was born, the second is the Cold Fact album cover that I bought at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, Ca.

The story of Mr. Rodriguez and the amazing people who surround him is as important to me and my children as the story of our own family.

I have purchased the iTunes documentary for several close friends as well. I don’t pretend to have much, but because I believe in this story, I share it where I can and will diligently continue to spread the word.

This story should appear in American History text books. It should be viewed in high schools nation wide. It’s that important.

Mr. Rodriguez is an American Treasure.

We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience the film and the music.

Thank you!

Rudy – Rudyesq@yahoo.com


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  1. he comes across as a loan musician artists.When nothing could have been further from the truth. The really sad part about this, that you don’t know about Rodriguez Is the part where he just conveniently forgets about his other half his manager and girlfriend at the time Rainy Moore who pretty much made everything happen for him he was nothing and no one until my mother shine the light on him by making them – Clarence Avant to Dennis Coffey to Mike Theodore take notice -these were all my mother’s doings, name of the album, touring get him set up and when they got dropped from the label the hardship on him paled in comparason to Rainy and he just forgots about it?! doesn’t tell a sole?! You guys only see what they want you to see! That’s the real tragedy!!!!!


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