Sugar Man by Rodriguez (The Goldfish Remix)


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2 comments on “Sugar Man by Rodriguez (The Goldfish Remix)
  1. Ryf says:

    WOW What an insanely powerful and HAUNTINGLY beautiful remix of one of the greatest artist alive today.My All Time favorite artist Rodriguez from the 70’s. He Influenced the youth of apartheid South Africa to political dissidence. I was one of those teenagers in South Africa. I can honestly say there is no musician alive or dead who had as much impact as this mans music had on me! My Hero!

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMIX the complete COLD FACT Album!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    AND PLEASE Rodriguez!!! One more new album please!!!

  2. scribblesnz says:

    Reblogged this on scribblesnz and commented:
    Awesomely funky wicked remix

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