Tribute to Malik – a Sugar sweet Man

Anne Samson - Historian

It was with shock I heard that Malik Bendjelloul was dead. It was only last year that I met him – when Searching for Sugarman had its premier in London. However, my relationship with him went back to the early days of the making of the documentary as friends and family were involved: from finding Rodriguez to bringing him back from obscurity.

I missed meeting Malik when he came to our house to interview John on his fiction, Rodriguez and whose contribution is acknowledged in the credits of the film. Somewhere in all the tape on the cutting-room floor are the books in my library and a little bit of this incredibly talented director’s spirit.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Searching for Sugarman, I strongly recommend you do. I wasn’t a particular fan of Rodriguez’s music (it does grow on you after 10 years of…

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