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There are certain experiences one can only have in New York City, and can only truly appreciate when they happen to you. I was sitting at my favorite bar in midtown on a Wednesday evening a few weeks back – it’s hard to find a good bar there, but I have a dive in the heart of it all that I often escape to. My favorite seat is at the bar located right next to the door for an easy escape or occasional cool breeze for when the bar gets too hot.  On this particular night, I switched it up from my usual scotch to tequila on the rocks…I guess, it felt like a tequila-sort-of-evening.

An Unexpected Show: Rodriguez at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall

I didn’t see them when they came in, but a couple, in their late-forties/early-fifties, had walked in and ordered two tequilas, neat.  They looked like the kind of people who had stories to tell of the “trouble” they had gotten into back in their day, and how it lead them to where they were at now, happy and married.  They seemed particularly aggravated by something that had just happened, yet still had a calm and pleasant demeanor as they sipped their Patron. “See if he wants them,” the women leaned in to the man and said, indicating me. I smiled and pretended I didn’t hear anything.

The man looked at me, leaned over and said, “Do you like Rodriguez?” “Uhh…Yeah! Searching for Sugarman was beautiful and his lyrics are amazing,” I responded. “Well, how would you like to see him live in about 15 minutes for free?” he said as he slid two tickets across the bar to me. “They’re pretty good seats too,” he added as if he had to sell me on the offer.

“We waited in line outside Radio City Music Hall and I have to tell you, I’ve seen a lot of live music in my day but I’ve never had to wait in a line like that. After awhile we just said ‘screw it’ and headed back to our hotel which is right across the street. I bet if you leave in 10 minutes you will just walk right in.” Amazed at their generosity and kindness, I bought them a round, briefly chatted with them and then ran as fast as I could to Radio City Music Hall while frantically texting my girlfriend to come meet me.

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  1. I am writing this to hopefully start something for Sixto Rodriguez. I wrote the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to please view the Starz & Showtime stories on Sugar Man. I was totally blown away by how humble a person he is. He was robbed of 30 to 40 years of playing concerts and enlarging his fans. Plus, for his daugthers watching him being a day laborer, which isn’t a bad thing. But could you image how many other albums there would here today..
    I would think it would be a crime for him not to be inducted now or after his death. If there is anyone who should be inducted ASAP, it would be Sixto Rodriguez. If you feel the same way, Request the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to induct.Sixto


  2. Ive been a major music lover my whole life.i enjoy music from all categories.well written music speaks for itself.i recently just heard of rodriguez.i think he must b one of the best songwriters ive had the pleasure of listening to.he makes a lot more sense than those who r regarded as being the fathers of music.absolutely fabulous!!dont understand why never given publicity?was he kept hidden bcuz of being ripped off of royalties?bad contracts?hes simply fabulous.all the music could b rerecorded with a more modern session touch an b popular even now! I gaurantee it!!


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