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It’s not often that an artist plays a sold-out, 5,000 capacity venue at the age of 70. It’s even less common that an artist does this feat having only released two studio albums that, initially, sold poorly.

But, that is what Rodriguez did at Hammersmith Apollo on Friday.

Rodriguez (birth name Sixto Rodriguez) is a Detroit-born singer-songwriter who was thought to be the next Bob Dylan (a frequent comparison), but his albums sold very little on their initial release in the early 70’s.

Read more at Review – Rodriguez @ Hammersmith Apollo, London, June 8 2013 | Young & Serious.

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5 comments on “Review – Rodriguez @ Hammersmith Apollo, London, June 8 2013 | Young & Serious
  1. Darlene Lindquist says:

    I am so sad….I live in Traverse City, Michigan…I was in Florida when tickets went on sale and missed out…our paths crossed many times back in the 60’s ,sad I will not be able to attend….enjoy our beautiful area….

  2. arod76 says:

    I just saw the documentary-LOVE ur music because it is real and refreshing. Please consider coming to Austin, TX at least ONE TIME so I can experience ur music live! God bless!

  3. donnadavidson says:

    Reblogged this on Donna Davidson's Blog and commented:
    So real, so now, so me.

  4. Henry says:

    Rodriguez you need to release a DVD of one of your performances

  5. Ami says:

    I am sure that Rodriguez kept on writing through the years. Please record more music. The music is timeless but I do wonder what he wrote since.

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