Sixto Rodriguez pursues review of contracts, sales in search of royalties | Detroit Free Press |

Rodriguez Courtesy of Malik Bendjelloul/Sony Pictures Classics

Rodriguez Courtesy of Malik Bendjelloul/Sony Pictures Classics

Could some answers finally be on the way for Sixto Rodriguez?

After decades of murkiness about his record sales and royalties, a legal and accounting team has begun an inquiry for the enigmatic singer-songwriter, the Free Press has learned.

The move comes as 70-year-old Rodriguez gears up for the biggest hometown show of his career, tonight at the sold-out Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit.

Read more at Sixto Rodriguez pursues review of contracts, sales in search of royalties | Detroit Free Press |

Singer / Songwriter

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24 comments on “Sixto Rodriguez pursues review of contracts, sales in search of royalties | Detroit Free Press |
  1. Jason Mulholland says:

    About time Rodriguez got payed for his brilliance. Good things come to good people. Great news, hope there is justice at the end of this story. :)

  2. Leah pallaris says:


    • Roy Sweetland says:

      I am so inspired about Sixto’s life and music God bless his soul. May he soon finally reap his just reward

    • Kevin Larkin says:

      What a great and humble human being. Rodriguez deserves to be recognised for what He has been for such a long time….A great artist who writes from the heart, not like some of todays music that is manufactured from a drum machine and a synthasizer!!

  3. Steve Rangel says:

    Wish him the best! Hope he gets resolution!!

  4. Miguel Rodríguez says:

    El “renacimiento” de Sixto Rodríguez, ha hecho renacer a millones de personas en el mundo. Gracias por tu ejemplo de vida, Sixto.
    Sixto Rodríguez rebirthing has done possible millions of personnal rebirthings around the world.
    (kisses from Canary Islands)

  5. maria says:

    que te vaya bien, bro.

  6. Lynn B. says:

    Hey Clarence, you oughtta say something nice once in awhile! Where did all this animosity come from? Wow…

  7. I just watched “Searching For Sugar Man” in New Zealand. There is a huge buzz about the documentary here at the moment, and the reality of both the movie and your story are well worth the hype. To say my friends and I enjoyed it would be the understatement of the year. Inspirational, sensational, almost unbelievable. The two things that shone through for me (and I will carry them with me) is that your music is AMAZING. It sits in my head so comfortably,like an old friend that should always have been there. The second is that true greatness is even more precious when it comes with humbleness and humility. Thank you so much!

    • Tami M says:

      Stephanie, you said”…Inspirational, sensational, almost unbelievable. The two things that shone through for me (and I will carry them with me) is that your music is AMAZING. It sits in my head so comfortably,like an old friend that should always have been there. The second is that true greatness is even more precious when it comes with humbleness and humility.”

      Hats off to you for verbalizing what so many are unable to put into words. I feel the same as you and your friends, and if I’m being honest, I find it hard to fight back the tears whenever I recall Rodriguez’s story, and replay his songs in my head. Thank you for such heartfelt words. God Bless Rodriguez!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Michael Scheer says:

    I am a 47 year old male and I was in tears for half of the movie. Not just because this amazing artist didn’t get his due when he should have but for that moment when he first faced that huge crowd of 20,000 plus in South Africa for the first time. Maybe he was cool, calm and collected but I was overwhelmed for him. After I saw the movie I went and bought both of his albums. I swear, he’d better see some of that money!

  9. hannelie jacobs says:

    So glad he is sorting this out, he should get what belongs to him. This is not ego but the truth that needs to be set free. Love this man, his soul is inspirational

  10. Kevin Smith says:

    We together with our family and friends grew up living his music and I have an “original Rodrigues cold fact record that has ben played hundreds of times over and over again by each and every member of my family since 1974, I feel so disappointed he was living so obscurely and deprived of his rightful financial reward and absolute fame
    God bless you Sixto, for continually blessing us with your talents in South Africa.

  11. Corrie Griessel says:

    Sixto footprint is not only in South Africa but so also in our hearts! What an amazing song writer and singer! I was born 74 and at an age of 38 Years my two young boys and I enjoy singing along! My God bless and continue to inspire such a legend!!!!!!!!!!

    Proud South African

  12. easy says:

    well done sixto, always knew your talent will follow you. your song are real. i grew up with it mid seventies, in a very strange place called south africa. if you come to sa again visit us in the small mining town of welkom, freestate. go well.

  13. janice scott says:

    totally overwhelmed by this man’s music and his lifestory ,i hope he one day comes to Scotland.

  14. Kerrie Menzies says:

    What joy to hear that, he will receive all that he deserves. A Poet of the streets. A fan from the 70,s here in Australia.

  15. Anna says:

    I can’t say much, I just saw the movie and am moved to tears just now.
    So beautiful! <3

    Such a great example of kindness and humility.
    Of being simply – humane.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  16. Michelle says:

    To the thieves of his image and his music in America and abroad, “your day is coming.” As for me, I wont ever by a bootleg album of anyone’s music. Every artist should be compensated. I would like to purchase the movies, his first two albums and a poster for my home. I am a HUGE music fan and have been transfixed for days since I first heard his voice in song. I want to purchase from an official site so as to not become part of the evil committed against this man. When will he play Detroit again? Hopefully soon. I live here and I am stunned and shocked, none of Detroit’s three TV any of its radio stations made a big deal out of this at all. “I love ya suga’ man” may your rewards be sweet and your sound get sweeter. He is better than Donovan, Dyllon, The Beatles, Guthrie, Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes combined. He is “Sugar Man.” Love ya!

    A new and HUGE fan in Metro-Detroit, MI , USA

    • kevin larkin says:

      Great to see another music lover find out about Rodriguez. Michelle, This man deserves everyones support. I hope He receives his rightfull royalties then He can live to a hundred and OUTLIVE the scum who took his money. Go get em’ Sixto!!!

  17. Susan Pearson says:

    I am a new fan of Sixto, I was overcome with sadness when I saw the documentry on him and how he was ripped off by Sussex records among others. I will be a fan for ever , and I have found such joy in the music I have heard so far, where can I purchase his music? I live in Sakatchewan Canada……

  18. Tami M says:

    It is with a true heart that I pray for Rodriguez and his representatives to prove victorious in this battle with Sussex Records, et. al. To do what they did and have NO remorse is unbelievable and inexcusable!!! To whomever is entrusted with exposing this horrendous betrayal, PLEASE remember you are representing no ordinary man; you are representing RODRIGUEZ!!!, and he deserves NOTHING but THE BEST, in every way, shape and form. To be tireless, relentless, selfless and fierce are only a few requisite qualities required to find the Justice, Respect and Recognition our beloved Rodriguez deserves!!! No exceptions!!! No excuses!!! Just results!!!

  19. Chip Waldron says:

    After first learning of Rodriguez, watching Searching For Sugarman, I shared a lot of the emotions of others that I read here. I was moved to tears both by the beauty of his music as well as the tragedy of the story of his having been robbed of the royalties and recognition that he so richly deserved. But aside from my anger at the injustice Rodriguez experienced, I also felt outrage for another injustice that I am surprised not to have seen anyone else express and that is the loss to the world of all of the music that he could have and surely would have been producing over all the years that he was “lost” to the world. The only consolation is that I have finally discovered Rodriguez and that he has finally been recognized for the beautiful gift he has given the world. Thank you so much for, at an age when you should be resting on your laurels for a lifetime of making the world better for your music, instead coming out and finally sharing it with the world. You are an amazing talent and would appear to be an even more remarkable person for being so seemingly accepting of the injustice that befell you. God bless you sir.

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