Rodriguez – Bonus song (Dead End Street) from “Tracks” (Arte Channel). Program33.


Dead End Street originally recorded by Lou Rawls in 1967.


Not to be confused with Dead End Street by The Kinks in 1966 which is a different song.


4 thoughts on “Rodriguez – Bonus song (Dead End Street) from “Tracks” (Arte Channel). Program33.

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  1. Awesome tune! Coming close to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada soon?? A friend told me about your story. Fascinating. Just listened to CBC radio 2 story of Searching for Sugarman. Love your message and style….big fan now! Think I’ll learn a song or two of yours and spread the word. Sixto ROCKS!


  2. worked on rodrigeuz wellington nz show at tsb arena and wish to say that the show here was absolutely positively fantastic thank you Sixto for coming so far south for us


  3. Ohhh Yesss!…
    “Dead end street” Blues:
    Or “No way” Blues !!! … I know that too!… TOO Bad …!!! :)))
    Looove it !!!! ….
    How impatient we are, to hear you here in France in June!!!!!!
    All is Sold out!! : ))) ” La Cigale” is a very cute theatre… : )) I was taking there my classical dance lessons : on the top floor there is a sweet little dance studio and my teachers still may give theire classes here… :)))


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