Craig, Malik and Sugar with Oscar

Craig, Malik, Sugar and Oscar
Craig, Malik, Sugar and Oscar
Craig, Sugar and Oscar
Craig, Sugar and Oscar



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  1. I just finished watching Searching for Sugar Man. It was an EXCELLENT documentary and I understand why it won an Oscar. Had to google for the website. Thank you for never giving up searching for him, for the movie, and for the CDs. Can’t wait to watch the move with a couple of friends and tell others, what a great story!! I will be buying Sixto’s two CDs and the movie. At least he will receive royalties now. Unbelievable he never received any before.


  2. I am glad Stephen got to go to the Oscars – he deserves a hell of a lot of praise and recognition and I hope that he has been able to build a friendship with Sixto and the documentary makers. Such a shame that Sixto wasn’t there himself but performing at a concert instead. I would have liked to see him say a few words along with Craig and Malik.


  3. From day one when I saw the documentary a week after it opened at Laemmles in Pasadena, Ca, last year,I knew this was a winner. Liked it so much, I saw it again a week later.
    Rodriguez is a man of great humility. His talents are finally being realized now after decades of no recognition. I have a ticket to see him perform in LA at the Orpheum Theater. I’m counting the days until April. Most of the tickets sold out through Ticketmaster in less than 10 minutes!


  4. I have seen the documentary 3 times this week in our local art movie house, each times bringing more friends to see it. What a joy to see the result of your search. Thanks guys! All the best to you and the Rodriguez family.
    And did I see ‘looking for Shawn Philips’ at number two on Craig’s list??? Another search on the way?? 🙂


    Am so glad you “searched” for our Sugarman AND found him.
    You deserve to hold the Oscar while we’re holding Rodriguez in our hearts!!!!
    Love Him


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