Rodriguez interview on Top Billing, Tuesday 26 February at 8pm on SABC3




When the scale of an artist’s talent is so obvious — how can the world not see it? Rodriguez is such an artist, it took two South Africans to open the world’s eyes to his genius and tonight all three men tell Top Billing their incredible story.

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  1. Im not a fan of the oscars but watched it this year because I heard this documentary was up for the award. This story is truly an ispiration to anyone who hears about it. Hollywood spends millions on movies but seldom hit the mark. The story line is exceptional but the fact that such a magnicent production took with such little money, is equally inspirational. It tells a story about hard work, dedication and remaining true to what you believe will always prevail. The values we try to instill in our children.


  2. Well done to the producers and director of this film. It took two South African men to bring this story to the fore, and a crew of outstanding directors, producers, cameramen editors, etc, to make this phenominal docutmentary. Kudo to you all, and the biggest Kudos to Rodriguez.


  3. Dear Rodriguez,
    I just watched your interview on Top Billing – Well firstly You are TOPS Sixto Rodriguez.

    Please come visit us soon again – there are so many people that was not able to get tickets for your past tour (although there was so many shows added) And I’m talking young and old.
    My niece (6years) and nephew (10 years) right up to my mom and uncles that’s in their 60’s wants to enjoy your show so badly!!!

    SA loves you madly!!
    See ya soon (we really really hope so)
    Elaine & Family


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