The Complete Rodriguez Collection | George “Fuzzy” Fazakas

George “Fuzzy” Fazakas has compiled his idea for a complete Rodriguez box set.

1)  I’ll slip away (1967 single version)
2)  You’d like to admit it (1967 b-side single version)
3)  Cold Fact
4)  After the Fact / Coming from Reality

1) I’ll slip away 1972/3
2)  Street Boy 1972/3
3)  Can’t Get away
4)  Live Fact (1998 South African tour)
1)  Alive (1979 Australian tour, released 1981)
2)  You’d like to admit it (live 2012 sept. 2 Northhampton)
3)  Last Request (Paolo Nutini song) (live 2012 sept. 2 Northhampton)
4)  Live at the Roundhouse November 2012 (You’d Like to admit it – with full band, Like a Rolling Stone, Fever, etc)
5) I’m Gonna Live Till I Die (Frank Sinatra cover) (Live At The Triple Door, Seattle – June 23, 2009)


8 thoughts on “The Complete Rodriguez Collection | George “Fuzzy” Fazakas

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  1. Someone put him on IDOL as he is one and make all these youngster make sing HIS songs and make him sing for the 70 million who watch that would help in USA who has ignored him and these bloody record companies who bring us crap I don’t want to mention. And Mexican community and Native Indian community stand up for your man he carries your origins and show what a hard working man can bring to the Americas and the world. The movie left me soaked having lived in South Africa the NEW South Africa 10 years since 1998 and never heard one of his songs on the Radio..even with 30 concerts sold out! I hope he gets and OSCAR and an apology and an inquiry to the bastard who stole his royalties. His music will be now on my every day play list part of QUALITY MUSICIANS!


  2. Oh yes definately, please!! Rodriguez is a LEGEND.
    “Searching for Sugarman” brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.
    What a fascinating story.


  3. My wife I were never more moved than seeing the movie last Fall in L.A. We cried our eyes out. We are therapists and know a good sincere person when we see them.
    I will now buy it on line.
    It deserves the Academy Award! Rodriquez is rare person and a real mensh if every way!
    Please let him know this.


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