Searching For Sugar Man | Michael Moore

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  1. From France.
    I’ve just seen the movie.
    So moving human being & unbelievable story.
    Hope all is well to him & his family.


  2. Saw the movie last night in a bush theatre in Northern NSW, Australia. It is a fantastic documentary and inspiring story. It deserves awards. We can’t stop talking about it. In Australia Rodriguez’s music was big and a must in every record collection. I discovered “At His Best” record in my husband’s record collection five years ago and went “Who is this?”. I played it and couldn’t stop playing it. Thank you for letting us know that Rodriguez is performing. We will be at the Byron Blues Festival this year to see him!


  3. Met he and his daughters in Cleveland this past Nov. Hope his neck pillow is coming in handy with all the traveling he’s doing. We are from Chicago and can’t seem to find tickets for the show in Ann Arbor, Mich.


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