‘Got my face on a milk carton
They’re looking for me, man
Looking for my music
Afrikaners, other fans

Wanna hear me play
Now that I am found
Don’t look for me tomorrow—
I won’t be around’

He and other silkworm
Seer/shamans do—
They do— eat fire, thunder
Spin out beauty, truth

Sheer transcendent wonder
Sacred, sublime
Have you done that?
Have I done that— have I done that with my time?

Make something out of nothing?
Healing out of pain?
Do I do that with my life
The way I play the game?

I look at him and wonder
Do I have it in me, too?
To give it all away?
To spin a world of truth?

Spin true love and tears?
Will I ever be the same?
Beauty dances here
As he wanders down the lane

Cape Town, Johannesburg
London, L.A.
Dirranbandi, Queensland
Detroit, Byron Bay

Cleveland, Chicago
Seattle, Santa Fe
Spin flames within
Into star-lit rays

On a carton— do you see?
They put a shining face…

I’d like to credit Rodriguez’s co-worker [Rick Emmerson] for the inspiration. He shared such beautiful insights in the film.

– S


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