Creative Recognition Awards Announced for 28th IDA Awards | International Documentary Association

The IDA has decided upon this year’s recipients of the Creative Recognition Awards for cinematography, editing, writing, and music. The winners were decided by the Creative Recognition Awards Committee, which is made up from the co-chairs of the Features Screening Committees. At this year’s IDA Awards ceremony, Best Cinematography will go to Women With Cows, Best Editing to Room 237, and Best Music to Searching for Sugar Man. The Best Writing Award goes to Ann Richards’ Texas.

via Creative Recognition Awards Announced for 28th IDA Awards | International Documentary Association.

Singer / Songwriter

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9 comments on “Creative Recognition Awards Announced for 28th IDA Awards | International Documentary Association
  1. I am very glad to see this IDA Creative Recognition Award for Best Music to the soundtrack of Searching for Sugarman. Mr Sixto Rodriguez’s album Cold Fact has been a treasured vinyl in my collection since 1980, and I am glad to see this respect for his music at last. I look forward to a third album of new songs from Mr Rodriguez one day, with great curiosity. Sing on and strum on, Sixto!!!

  2. Merri Mann says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved respect for the man, the movie, and the music. Since seeing the movie, I bought 4 albums….and also buy them as gifts.

  3. Zita says:

    I think that is awesome. I can’t wait to see him (twice) when he comes to Australia.

  4. Sal Martinez says:

    Mr. Rodriguez, I am so glad your music is being recognized after all these year! You are a great and humble person. I hope you get invite to the Grammys and the Oscars. I cannot wait to see you again here in the Los Angeles area. Sal

  5. Dinorah says:

    Congreatulations!!!!!! Rodriguez has the best music!!!!!!

  6. Dinorah says:

    I will be in London 14 nov to see the great man !!!! I travel from Sweden only for to see him! Fantastisk voice and personality.

  7. Ida says:

    We love you Rodriguez. The world is a better place now that we know you and your
    music. The more I hear your music, the better it gets. It is timeless and like no other.

    • Dinorah Ananth says:

      Today i see Rodriguez in London. Fantastisc!!!! I come from Sweden only for see him. He and the songs…. one dream!!!!!

  8. Lori Springer says:

    SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN, wow, what a well deserved honor to a great and humble man and a fantastic movie!!!!

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