Rodriguez | Byron Bay Bluesfest, 2013


“Just climb up on my music and my songs will set you free…” – Rodriguez Climb Up On My Music

One of the most fascinating and talented musicians around today, a Bluesfest favourite, and an incredible story – Rodriguez is back in a big way. For those who have missed the extraordinary music and story that surrounds him, let us tell you about the ‘Mystery Man’.

A philosopher by education, Rodriguez was signed to a contract in the late 1960s after producers with ties to Motown Records saw him playing in a smoky Detroit nightclub called The Sewer. He then made a pair of albums that sold almost nothing, toured a little and then dropped out of sight.

Still largely unknown in the US and Europe, Sixto Rodriguez has been described by many as ‘The greatest ‘70’s US rock icon who never was. Both albums Cold Fact & Coming from Reality are filled to the brim with carefully crafted tales including; “Sugar Man”, “Crucify Your Mind” & “I wonder” just to name a few; Songs with anti-establishment lyrics that struck a chord in Apartheid South Africa (where he was deemed bigger than the Stones or Elvis), as well as here in Australia & New Zealand.

via Rodriguez | Byron Bay Bluesfest, 2013.


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  1. Just saw it at Newtown the other day and think it is one of the best musical docos ever done. I couldnt believe how humble the man is and am so glad that he hasnt lost his love of performing – hope when he visits Oz next year that he does some other performances apart from the Blues Festival.


    1. I also saw the movie at Newtown and was very impressed. The reviewer in the Sydney Morning Herald stated that the movie left out the Australian part. How true, considering the man visited Australia years before the South African tour. “Eight years and this happens, I don’t believe it” he said in Sydney. Thanks to Holger Brockman who launched Rodriguez in Australia. Lets look forward to some new material and continue to appreciate the old.


  2. Recently saw the Movie in Melbourne and absolutely loved it. I still know all of the words to the Cold Fact album (sorry to those sitting around me during the viewing). It was a great trip down memory lane, good to know that he has been found/rediscovered and is finally getting some royalties and that he is touring -I guess playing live on stage is what he always wanted to do.
    I urge all S. Africans to go see this great doco/movie. Geoff Garber


  3. Dear Mr. Rodriguez.. Do you think you will ever make it up here to Vancouver, Canada? Oh, how I would love to be there if you do!


  4. I saw the movie at the Dendy Wednesday night, a sad and poignant story…but I loved it! Made me listen again and angain, not that it is off my IDevices ever…


  5. I saw the movie at Dendy, Newtown yesterday. It is all it’s said to be. Who knows how his music was made popular in Australia. I bought the albums in Brisbane in the 70s but can’t remember how the connection was made. I was amazed that “Climb Up On My Music” wasn’t on the movie soundtrack. Will have to get to Byron Bay next year.


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