Review: Searching For Sugar Man (OST) / Rodriguez | Rock104 Blog

Don’t doubt it, the Holy Grail of Rock has been found in the form of Sixto Rodriguez’s two lone LP’s dating back more than 40 years. The albums, Cold Fact (1970) and Coming Out of Reality (1971), have been dug out of the rubble of U.S. commercial obscurity in the form of the soundtrack for the recent film Searching For Sugar Man, but not before going to South Africa and helping to free a country from Apartheid without the artist’s knowledge.

Sound too amazing to be true? It is, except for the fact that it is true—truer than fiction could ever be to be believed. What’s even more amazing is the music itself—as good as the best music Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell or Neil Young has ever offered—and for any music aficionado, that’s even harder to believe—but just listen.

via Review: Searching For Sugar Man (OST) / Rodriguez | Rock104 Blog.


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