Truth stranger than fiction for Rodriguez |


Dave Matthews Band leader Dave Matthews and San Diego financial consultant Hillel Katzeff have never met. But the two former South Africans share a unique bond in their love of the music of Rodriguez, the lone-named Detroit singer-songwriter who makes his long-overdue concert debut here Wednesday night at the Casbah.

Never mind that, until this year, Rodriguez was virtually unknown here in his homeland, except to a small sub-cult of music-geek hipsters. Never mind that, at the age of 70, he has only now embarked on his first major U.S. concert tour. And never mind that the tour comes 40 years after his second album, “Coming From Reality,” was released in 1971. (It disappeared with barely a trace, prompting him to quit music for decades of toil doing heavy manual labor.)

Yet, despite his decades of obscurity here, this soft-spoken Motor City troubadour has long been an icon for Matthews, Katzeff and a generation of South Africans who came of age in the 1970s and ’80s.

via Truth stranger than fiction for Rodriguez |


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