Searching for Sugar Man | News24

Clem Sunter

Take a trip to a movie called Searching for Sugar Man because it will give you an all-time high, particularly if you like me are a vinyl junkie (a collector of those prehistoric things called long playing records).

The film is about a singer named Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, whose parents immigrated from Mexico to America. Born in 1942, he made two records – Cold Fact in 1970 and Coming from Reality in 1971. Neither record did particularly well in the US and he basically disappeared from the public eye soon after their release.

However, in South Africa he sold half a million records which put him ahead of virtually any artist on the planet. He was also popular in Australia and New Zealand. With rumours of his death circulating, two South Africans set out to uncover the mystery of his disappearance. One was a fan called Stephen “Sugar” Segerman and the other was a journalist called Craig Bartholomew Strydom. They even set up a website called The Great Rodriguez Hunt.

via Searching for Sugarman | News24.


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