Searching For Sugar Man. Hmm…

When was the last time you watched a movie and it inspired you so much you watched it twice in a row? Well, that’s what just happened to me with Searching For Sugar Man, a brilliant doci about the musician known as Rodriguez, who some say was/is better than Bob Dylan but went largely unnoticed for over 30 years. So imagine my luck as I was on a flight back from Burning Man and there it was in the list of bazillions of films Virgin Atlantic offers you. I had heard good things about this doci and I thought, you know what, fuck Hollywood for a second and let me watch something South African. Yup, this Sundance-winning film is the brainchild of some lovely South African folks determined to present an unbelievable story to the world, and that they do in mother-flippen spades. Beautifully tragic, goosebump stuff. Do your heart a favour and watch this film.

via Hmm…: Searching For Sugar Man. Hmm….

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