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Set List
Set List

New music is boo music, and that’s why we’ve let our summer be ruled by rocking 70 year olds. First by the Boys of the Beach, then by the so good so good so good Jewish Elvis, and now by a man who no one outside of South Africa (and Australia, and odd parts of Detroit) had ever even heard of a month ago. His name is Rodriguez, and if you’ve had your heart nuclearly warmed by his lost and found story to end all lost and found stories – documented in the MUSS MUSS SEE Searching For Sugar Man, then you know what wees talking bout. If you don’t, you better recognize and get yer thighs tantalized OR ELSE!!!!

via Climb Up On His Music | Thighs Wide Shut.


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  1. I went to his concert in NYC Friday night….I was supposed to work but got the night off on a fluke and managed to get in (can’t tell you how)….nothing better……I would love the names of the songs he sang. There was one I didn’t recognize, about seeing an old flame where he said he was glad she was with the other guy….All of it was wonderful…he is smart, funny, charming and handeled one obnoxious guy with grace…..what a treat …a great in all sense of artism and humanity…I will never foret that night and THANK YOU SIXTO FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART…..keep writing, singing and being who you are…..With Love from New York


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