Nuwe lewe in Wildernis ná oorloë en swaarkry | Die Burger

Op ’n rustige koppie bo Wildernis aan die Tuinroete bly Eva Rodriguez. Sy is die dogter van “Sugarman’’, die sanger en liedjieskrywer Rodriguez van Detroit, die man wie se rasperstem en siniese lirieke al jare lank die hulpelose woede verwoord van jongmense wat in establishment-sisteme vasgevang is. “Sy musiek het in Suid-Afrika spesifiek aanklank gevind by dienspligtiges wat in weermagbarakke vasgekeer was,’’ vertel Eva.

via Nuwe lewe in Wildernis ná oorloë en swaarkry | Die Burger.


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  1. I have just returned from seeing seeing the film in New York City this evening and can only touch on a literal river of emotions flowing, the visceral stimulations, reverberations of the power, and the clarity of the voice, the poetics of a proletarian vision realized, rendered and released to cross the world to materially assist as a propellent in the massive social struggle to bring down a fascist beast, empower folks to fight for social change, for justice. I am a documentary film worker, and feel such a sense of rejuvenation, optimism and strength renewed at witnessing the conjoining of so many strands of compassion, commitment, perseverence, and sheer comradeship to bring this wonderful story and inspiring actions by the beauty and natural humanism of Rodrioguez and his loving daughters, the makers of the film, the circle of his comrade riends, what a magnificent experience, I shall always treasure.


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