Star magazine – review / Key regional coverage

Star magazine – Review.pdf

Liverpool Echo – Review.pdf

Scotsman Review.pdf

Scotland on Sunday – Review.pdf

Weekend (Bristol & Bath) – Review.pdf

Edinburgh Reporter – Feature.pdf

The Herald review.pdf

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  1. A wise and wondering spirit in our vast universe, transendent beyong the art of any language or form. With admiration and respect for you Sixto Rodriguez,


  2. I first heard Rodriguez’s Cold Fact at my 18th birthday party in Cape Town in the summer of 1998. I was blown away by it. Like many others I had heard the many rumours surrounding his death which added to the mysterious image of the artist. I was thrilled and amazed when all these years later I saw the film advertised in a Dublin magazine, where I now live. I counted down the days til it’s release. And when I sat in the cinema I was so proud that I had long been a fan. And I wept as I got to see how Rodriguez surpassed my expectations as such a kind, graceful and selfless person. A true gentleman. All of this with shots of my beloved Cape Town as a backdrop, which is how I remember the music. What a treat!


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