Sixto Rodriguez is philosophical about ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ –


He has been called the greatest ’70s rock star who never was. A Chicano Bob Dylan. More improbable, the 70-year-old street bard from Detroit is considered a founding father of South African progressive rock. At the very least, he’s one of the most unlikely comeback artists in music history.

Sixto Rodriguez, a man whose life has been shrouded in question marks, myths and might-have-beens, thought his music had fallen into a black hole of obscurity. He spent three decades as a construction worker in Detroit after he was dropped by his record label in the 1970s.

via Sixto Rodriguez is philosophical about ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ –



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  1. Sixto Rodriguez and Searching for Sugar Man is and has been such a gift to my life. Sexto even though with only a one way virtual time with you, your life energy and kindness is of great comfort and inspiration to me. And oh joy to your beautiful family too. I am grateful for the comfort and hope you bring and love your music as well. I watch your movie at least a few times every year. Thank you for sharing your gifts.


  2. How come we haven’t heard any reactions from current music luminaries? I’m really curious to hear the reactions of Dylan and Springsteen to Rodriguez’s music. How is it that Letterman has gotten there first….


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